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The Veracious Venusian

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The Lunar You at a Glance

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Illuminating Qualities


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Your Lunar Personality

The Hunter New Moon is when the Sun and Moon conjunct in the Libra zodiac sign. In astrology, this means you have Libra Sun and Moon. New moons kick start new beginnings and open us to the possibilities that lie ahead. A conjunction is a neutral aspect of 0°-- though we should use ‘neutral’ lightly because this aspect can turn up heat in the kitchen real quick! Conjunctions supercharge our energy where we almost don’t know what to do with it. Dovey and artsy Libra highlights themes around our relationships and business collaborations.

Lunar Magic

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Did you know that La Luna has a synchronic relationship with our body, mind, and spirit? Well don’t we have some lunar magic to share with you! Lunar phases influence our biorhythms (cue why it rules our emotions). Libra rules the kidneys and lower back. Setting new boundaries is self care under this lunar influence-- so snap, snap, and snap! Libra is the sign of balance and the ‘other side’. No need to rush into anything, as we can only balance so much on the scale at once. May we recommend any activities that involve checking in with ourselves or anyone else who needs it. Sunset meditation, sending a warm message to a loved one, or signing up for a yoga class are a few ways to harness the Libra moon magic.

Cosmic Calling

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Tipping the scales is your cosmic calling-- whether it’s with sound, size, or color. As a Venusian, you see the world through imagery and symbols. Libra, however, is the interpersonal side of Venus that typically applies your creative mind in a practical way. You’re impartial and can easily weigh the pros and cons of a situation. After all, you have a go-with-the-flow work approach while others see you as sensible and fair minded. You need a harmonious work environment or it just won’t work (thank u, next!). Anything both visual and interpersonal are suitable such as fashion design, sales, marketing, cosmetics, event planning, graphic design, interior design, etc. Perhaps public relations, debate team, law, or campaigning is suitable for our S-J Librans.

Illuminating Qualities

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You, the fetching Hunter New Moon babe, are seen as the quintessential Libra because your Sun and Moon sign are the same. You’re an ambivert, as your Libran scales weigh between social life and self care. Venus rules money and beauty in astrology, so it is no wonder why you’re a shiny dime piece. Except we know that your alpenglow isn’t the only bright thing about your personality! Your ritzy charm is paired with a sharp mind and strong social skills. The catch: you need lots of beauty rest and alone time to recharge (so rest up, sleeping beauty!).

Lunar Love Language

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You, the lovely Hunter New Moon babe, have a free flowing approach to your love life. Libra is the sign associated with relationships in astrology-- hence, we give you an A+ on your love report card. Fairness and communication are key to any romance (add two more A+ for you!). You might be fun loving and flirty, but just wait until S.O.S captures your heart. As the heart-eyed lover that you are, you just want someone who can tame the inner wild child. Given how encouraging and thoughtful you are, quality time and words of affirmation are your lunar love languages. Sunset dinners, rom-coms, and self care activities are a few ways to speak to your heart. Let’s just say that you will always be a sucker for flattery, so compliments are generously welcomed where you are.