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Meet the Lunar You

Waning Gibbous + Aquarius

The Urbane Uranian

Born under the Waning Gibbous Moon

Sun in Aquarius

Moon in Virgo + Libra

The Lunar You at a Glance

Lunar Magic


Cosmic Calling


Illuminating Qualities


Lunar Love
Quality Time


Your Lunar Personality

The Snow Disseminating Moon is when the Sun in Aquarius trines the Moon in Virgo and Libra. In astrology, this means you have an Aquarius Sun with either a Virgo or Libra Moon. In astrology, a trine is a harmonious aspect of 120°. While the full moon is the climax of the show, the waning gibbous moon is the final curtain call where we take a bow then reflect on our performance.

Lunar Magic

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Did you know that La Luna has a synchronic relationship with our body, mind, and spirit? Well don’t we have some lunar magic to share with you! Lunar phases influence our biorhythms (cue why it rules our emotions). Virgo rules the digestive system while Libra rules the kidneys and lower back. Let’s just say the dirty work makes the dream work under this lunar influence. Dits and deets Virgo focuses on self improvement while lovey dovey Libra uses the details to beautify. Aquarius SZN zeroes in on our social groups and how we find strength in numbers. May we recommend any activities that allow us to express our gratitude and reflect on our thoughts. Personalizing thank you cards, gratitude journaling, or venting on an online forum are a few ways to work with this moon magic.

Cosmic Calling

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Your cosmic calling is to shift the suave of your respective industry. As the wavy and breezy Aquarian, it’s no wonder why your zodiac symbol is a double wave. The cool kid who inspires future trends? Sounds about Aquarian! Dovey Venus and meticulous Mercury gives you that special signature that makes you just pop. We’re bound to find you in an unconventional but interesting career. As the Urbane Uranian, you have a metro flair who does well in anything artsy or technical. We see our artsy and witty Waterbearers being drawn to marketing, radio, brand management, event planning, songwriting, blogging, matchmaking, or photography. Our whizbang Waterbearers may thrive in careers like civil engineering, public policy, urban planning, ambassadorship, cybersecurity, or criminology.

Illuminating Qualities

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You, the cheeky Snow Disseminating Moon babe, are icy cool but not so collected. As the sparky and strong minded Uranian, you are full of interesting surprises! Mercury and Venus added to the mix explains why you tip the scales between peacekeeping and popping the bottle. You’re an ambivert who balances viva la vida with the grit and grind. Gracious yet topsy turvy, your debonair personality sure leaves us starstruck.

Lunar Love Language

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You, the lovely Snow Disseminating Moon babe, are selective and reserved in your love life at first. Need not be fooled, as you know a thing or two about love. If you ask us, you’re a bit of a player who knows how to play the love game. We might go as far to say that you’re a Cupid in your own right. Not only is riding solo no biggie for you, you’re seemingly the go to for love advice. But of course-- there are always surprises with Aquarius! Roles are reversed when you find S.O.S. that you’re absolutely smitten over. You have a go with the flow approach to your relationships and even prefer your partner to take charge (and that’s what we call a Cupid shuffle). Hence, quality time and acts of service are your lunar love languages for this reason. Simple yet wholesome is what hits your sweet spot. Nature getaways, mall dates, or bringing each other lunch at work are a few things that make you tick.