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Musings from the Moon

The Symbolism of your Moon Phase

Explore the celestial melody of your birth date through moon-phase jewelry. From the waxing crescent's symbolism of new beginnings to the full moon's representation of abundance, embark on a journey...

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The Radiant Glow of a Harvest Moon

    As summer starts to wane and leaves begin their graceful transition into fiery hues, there comes a celestial spectacle that marks the change of seasons like no other: the...

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How Close do you Relate to Your Sign?

Have you ever wondered why you connect so deeply with certain people or find yourself drawn to specific traits? The answer might lie in the stars, quite literally. Astrology, the...

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How to Navigate the Mercury Retrograde

The next retrograde begins on August 23rd and we want to make sure you are covered during this uncertain time. You've probably heard the term thrown around in conversations, social...

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Once in a Blue Moon

Two Supermoons in the Month of August   We all get graced with a sweet treat this month with not one, but TWO supermoons during the month of August. This...

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