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The Peace Charm is a double-sided, versatile silver charm, named to honor John Lennon.

Do you know that the Lunar Geographic Society designated a crater on Luna (Earth’s Moon) to musician and peace activist John Lennon? It’s true. It’s officially designated: John Lennon Peace Crater. The official designation of a lunar crater is a rare honor bestowed upon a select few luminaries: Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton, Julius Caesar, Jules Verne and John Lennon.

Whether you’d like to join us in honoring the essence and spirit of John Lennon, or whether you just like the charm – get yourself one today! Wear it with compassion, patience, understanding, and love. Carry on the legacy and - give peace a chance.

And, like the moon itself, our lunar charms catch the rays of the sun by day to illuminate in darkness -- creating a soft soulful glow that will surely be a conversation starter! 

  • 1/2" x 1/2" silver-plated two-ringed charm
  • 13mm moon phase image 



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At Moonglow, we believe in capturing life’s moments in a unique way. Part of this vision is from our team members Luc and French designer Aurelie who work together to create our special Moonglow pieces using quality metals and hand finished touches. We are always striving to create new designs and make sure you have the best experience with us.

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The Glow

Like the moon itself, each lunar
charm is designed to absorb light by day to glow in dark environments, lighting up your memories every time they glow.

Moonglow is on a mission to
light up the world, connecting
our customers to the moments
that matter most

+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date
+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date

Beautifully Hand Finished

With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and every moment can be cherished in your favorite piece of jewelry.

Enter your special date into our Moon Calculator to find your moon from the date that matters most to you.

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