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“Personalized Jewelry 

 with a cosmic touch”


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Hand Finished with Care

Each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail for a truly unique and meaningful accessory.

Custom Engravings & Birthstones

Personalize your gift with custom engravings and birthstones for a one-of-a-kind present.

Swarovski & Zircon Crystals

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gift with Swarovski and zircon crystals.

Genuine Gemstone beads

Elevate your style with the natural beauty and energy of these genuine gemstones.


Celebrate Your Life. 

 Celebrate The Moon.

A Moon Necklace is the perfect gift for a woman who has everything — including a love of anything celestial. Choose any moon phase that’s special to you, from a Full Moon to a New Moon and a Lunar or Solar Eclipse.


Wear your story

You can find a piece that tells your story through its symbolism or get a customized token like a Moonglow moon bracelet featuring the moon from the date of your choice.

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Indulge Your Wanderlust

Wear a moon ring that reminds you of the good things to come and the adventures waiting to be shared. Featuring the moon from the date of your choice.


Enjoy our new, beautiful complimentary gift box with every Moonglow purchase.


Why People Love Moonglow


"About 6 months ago I made the biggest decision of my life and I packed up everything and moved across the country. Moonglow was able to put what the moon looked like on that day into a necklace. I'm so thankful because now I always get to carry that memory with me."


"I've always wanted to find a way to keep the date I was born close to me. Wearing my Moonglow Sky Light necklace gives me the chance to keep my moment close to my heart. Moonglow Jewelry pieces allow me to have a cherished memory and statement piece all in one."


"I got my package in the mail from Moonglow and have been absolutely obsessed! It's also really cool that they glow in the dark. The quality of the jewelry is amazing. If it isn't a gift for yourself, I totally recommend gifting it to other people. I gifted a necklace to my mother and she loved it."

“This is my absolute favorite! Great quality! Have received many compliments on it. Even better that it signifies the moon on a special date for me.” 

 - Lee S.

"The engraving added a personal message that made them so special. I will be buying more in the future. They are great quality and were gift wrapped as well." 

 - Sandy C.

"This necklace is absolutely beautiful! So much more so than I thought it would be. It is made very high quality. And you will get a ton of compliments on it." 

 - Patricia T. 


Wear the Moon from the Date of Your Choice 🌕🌖🌘

Whether it’s for yourself or someone you love, Moonglow is the most meaningful gift to honor birthdates, newborns, weddings, anniversaries, furry friends, memorial dates, or any moment close to heart.

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