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Why Mother’s Day Is About Celebrating Non-Biological Mums Too

The word mother defines a person. But it also defines an act.

This Mother’s Day, take the time to recognize not only the mothers that gave us life but also those who have mothered us throughout the many phases of our lives. Quite often the mothers that influence us demonstrate a nurturing spirit, kindness and patience, showing strength and humility, and giving empathy and respect. If ever there was a woman who helped us navigate the world, understand our feelings, celebrate, mourn, and offer support in our best and worst times, that person deserves a token of gratitude this Mother’s Day.

Stepmoms, adoptive moms, & foster moms

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes many non-biological moms that deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Stepmothers often have a hard road, trying to create a role in what is often a delicate family dynamic. In truth, stepmoms (and stepparents in general) gladly take on the position of spouse and stepmom and their support and presence can be life changing in the eyes of the children they help to nurture and raise.

Adoptive mums are everything ‘mum’ stands for. They love, worry, care, and sacrifice as the primary mother figure in someone’s life. They’re there for the happiest moments, like when you score your first big goal at the soccer game, and they’re there for your heart breaks, like your first big high school breakup. Adoptive mum’s often step in when we need their support the very most and their choice to enter motherhood warrants celebration not only on Mother’s Day but every day.

Foster mums are important figures in pivotal moments for many children's lives. Foster moms provide a sanctuary, filled with warmth and love at times when those things are hard to come by for kids in need. While many foster mums often only enter the lives of the children they nurture for a season, their impact more often than not, extends far beyond that.

Biological, step, adoptive, foster — mums come in all forms. They all share in the momentous task that is motherhood and deserve some well-earned appreciation and recognition for their selflessness this Mother’s Day.

Casual mother figures

Then there are people in our lives that don’t fit the mum role but come through for us with support, advice, and love when we need it most. Some are blood-related, some are assigned to us, and others happen to just find themselves in our lives at the right place and right time.

It’s easy for family members like our grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and mother-in-laws to step into mum mode, especially if they’re mothers already. Because these relationships so often come in and out of “mother mode” with ease, it can be easy to overlook the impact they have on our lives. This Mother’s Day sit back and think about the impact your female relatives have had on your life, it can be incredibly rewarding to recognize how important they are to us and let them know how much they mean and Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to show them your gratitude.

Teachers, coaches, and mentors help us learn, improve, and grow as a function of their jobs. Throughout our lives, many of these figures will come and go but some leave impressions and an impact deeper and more permanent than others. Regardless of how long or short these relationships are, celebrating the impact these leaders have had on our lives can offer an incredible way to give back some of the support and inspiration they have offered us.

And the rest. It’s impossible to categorize and pinpoint all the people that have ‘mothered’ us over the years. There’s the friend that brings you food when you’re sick, the neighbour who watched you as a kid, a friend’s mom who embraces all of her kids’ friends as her own. All of these women hold special places in our lives and hearts for whatever selfless acts they perform to make us feel cared for and cherished.

This Mother’s Day, let’s appreciate all the women that have showed us their motherly spirit and thank them with a card, a gift, a hug or even just a few words of thanks.


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