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Where To Find Custom One moon jewelry For Men

Jewelry doesn’t belong just to the realm of women, and to banish all things masculine. It’s completely unfair to deny men any sort of accessory besides a belt, watch, and wallet. Moonglow has developed multiple styles of necklaces, bracelets, and even the odd keychain or two, with men in mind.

Custom One moon jewelry Bracelets for Men:

Watches aren’t as relevant as they used to be; just about everyone has a phone and they’re just as effective as a watch at telling time: without the hassle of remembering to put your watch on. But wrist ornaments (bracelets) are still relevant, and the masculine flair that one moon jewelry can have, the following pieces are perfect for men:


Byron20bracelet20black120prod2016.jpgitok3u6FRhSCThis one is listed as a “Him or Her” bracelet, but the masculine is really where this one moon jewelry is at. Named after Lord Byron - one of the greatest British poets of the Romantic Movement and author of Don Juan, whose work is widely read and influential, especially amongst astronomers. The thick band and gentle circle make it a strong piece, with the custom glow in the dark moon that gives it the sentimental touch that makes it just the perfect gift for yourself, or anybody.

Read the reviews and see the specks here!

Oh, and for a bonus, did you know that it comes in brown?





MG20small20ss20collection20bracelet20120prod2016.jpgitokLacT1W9S“Rille” is a word that refers to the ridges and edges of the moon’s surface. Which is an entirely appropriate sentiment for this particular one moon jewelry bracelet. The woven pieces of metal that create the band are both elegant, and masculine, as well as the internal essence of the moon with its channels.

It’s delicate, but strong and entirely unique. Read the reviews, and pick out the special day for you, or the special man in your life that this piece of one moon jewelry would make the perfect gift for!

Read the reviews, and pick the date here!






201720SS20Collection20bracelet.jpgitokW5L8swn9Simplicity and elegance merge together to make this an instantly classic piece of one moon jewelry. The chain isn’t basic, it is simple, and elegant. It’s a piece of one moon jewelry that’s perfect for really anybody: masculine or feminine.

Even though it was designed with men in mind, the one moon bracelet would make the perfect starter charm bracelet, if the other ones listed on moonglow are too much for you. Like the listing says, “A singular magnificent moon charm orbits the wrist capturing the moon’s brilliant energy during a sacred moment in time, whether it is your birthday, wedding date, or a date you reached a significant personal goal.”

Read the rest of the listing, and the reviews here!





Custom One Moon Jewelry: Necklaces for Him

Necklaces are pieces of jewelry that are always very close to the heart: quite literally. When a piece of jewelry rests right next to your heart it’s only natural that it’s deep, and meaningful to you. Custom one moon jewelry is perfect for that!


201720Love202620Luck20bracelet203.jpgitokXH_Ol08JNot just the moon, but a special lucky charm for you to wear next to your heart, right next to the special day illustrated on the moon next to it. The four leaf clover is one of the more rare lucky charms out there. They’re real, but almost impossible to find in nature by yourself, so instead of struggling with the problem, simply put this necklace on and find your luck in love change around!

If you’re already lucky in love, it makes a great anniversary gift for him, and he can keep your anniversary date close to his heart for all your days together to come.

Read the reviews and the rest of the specs for it here!






Simplicity can be magic. Simplicity doesn’t mean “basic” because simplicity can be as unique as the person wearing it. The Charmed Simplicity Charmed20Simplicity20for20men1.jpgitokd0yvnhzKNecklace for Men is one of the prime examples of this concept. It’s simple, but far from ordinary. The simplicity just makes it all the more personal when you put your custom date on the moon pendant.

Check it out on our website to see the full description and read the reviews!








“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are” this necklace is definitely for you. With the compelling eight point star system, an icon that’s shown up in religious iconography from the Egyptians to the Mayans.

Wishing20Star20prod2016_0.jpgitok1yHMyH_AIt’s a strong design, with a sturdy weight that feels good against your heartbeat: this is one of the perfect pieces of one moon jewelry that you can possibly get for yourself, or for him.

Click here to check it out and decide who needs it more! 









Other pieces of one moon jewelry for him!

Men’s jewelry isn’t just bracelets and necklaces. It’s a wide variety of things that are as unique and personal as the guy wearing them is.


Simplicity20keychain.jpgitokrnZh5dpGKeychains can be one moon jewelry, as long as you decide in yourself that it is. This keychain is simple, just one bob on one ring, but when push comes to shove: that’s all you need. It’s the perfect accessory to any on the go gentleman, whether you’re buying it for yourself or buying it as a gift for him.

For the full specs, and the thoughtful customer reviews, check out the original posting for it here.



The20Moonrise20Cufflinks20by20MG20prod2016.jpgitok127e7uEIf you want fancy, this is where it’s at. Slick, sleek, supremely elegant and classy. With these cufflinks you can carry around your thoughtful memories during the big interview, or use them on special occasions, like your wedding! They’re thoughtful one moon jewelry gifts, even if there’s technically a moon on each wrist.

Check out the specs, pick the special day, and read the dozens of great reviews before purchasing. Just click here! 


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