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What Moon Phase is it Today? How Will it Interact With My Lunar Personality?

We are all born under the same sky; it’s one the world’s greatest equalizers. No matter what country we’re born in, we’re born on the same planet, and under the same sun and moon.  There is beauty in that. However, we are not all born under the same Sun or Moon position and many believe that the position of these celestial bodies during the time of our birth can reveal important personality traits (as can your birthstone necklace) that define who you are. Your Moon (lunar) personality is determined by the Moon phase on the day of your birth. Even if you were born in broad daylight, the Moon still affects your personality.

What is a Moon Phase?

The Moon emits no light of its own and what we see is simply the light from the sun being reflected towards Earth like a giant mirror. Moon phases occur as the moon moves around the Earth and the Sun casts a shadow on it instead of reflecting it back at us. When the Earth is between the sun and the moon we’re able to see the full reflection of the full Moon phase. Then fourteen days later the Moon will be between the earth and sun and we’ll only see the shadow of the Moon, often referred to as the new Moon phase, appropriately named because it’s the start of a new Moon cycle. 

The Eight Phases of the Moon

  • New Moon
  • Waxing crescent phase
  • First quarter phase
  • Waxing gibbous phase
  • Full moon phase
  • Waning gibbous phase
  • Third quarter phase
  • Waning crescent phasewhat moon phase is it today


Lunar Personalities

Find the phase of the moon you were born under and look here for your personality traits.

New Moon Phase– the Gardener, the Planter, the Grower

People born under this phase tend to be nurturers. They sow the seeds of family and friendship and are rewarded with an abundance of love in their life.

Waxing Crescent Phase – The Focused One

People born under this moon sign tend to be focused and true to task. They often lead corporations and are excellent at achieving goals. They must be careful not to let their focus turn to stubbornness.

The First Quarter Phase – The Rebel with a Cause

Environmentalists, animal rights activists, and defenders of children are overly represented by First Quarter Phase-born individuals. These are the people with the gumption to change the world with their forceful personalities and need to make wrong things right again.

The Waxing Gibbous phase – The Healer

If you are born under this phase, you keep the world spinning. These personalities are the caretakers of our planet, the first responders, the repair techs and the nurses. The unsung heroes that keep us secure.

The Full Moon Phase – The Artist

The world is richer because of the full moon-born. They are our painters, sculptors, writers and composers. The bring beauty to the world and laughter to life.

The Waning Gibbous Phase – The Teacher

To teach is a most noble calling, and the people born under the waning gibbous are natural teachers, ensuring that generations will build upon the knowledge of our ancestors and open the doors to new discoveries.

The Third Quarter Phase – The Listener, the Interpreter

This personality has the pulse of the world. They are the rational thinkers, the ones who keep a level head. They dispel the lies and express the truth. Look to them for the way forward or for a greater understanding of the past. These are judges, police officers, and journalists.

The Waning Crescent Phase – The Philosopher

Where would the world be without the philosophers? They question everything, make us rethink situations and help make sense of our existence. They are the filmmakers, counselors and dreamers of our civilization.what moon phase is it today

The nice thing about the moon phase personalities is that when the moon is in each particular phase, everyone gets that personality trait boost. So if you are born under the artist phase but need to present your portfolio for a new project, wait until the waxing crescent so you will be more focused on your goal. Alternatively, if you want to ask a favor of someone, hold off until the three-quarter phase where you are bound to have a more attentive listener.

It takes all types to make the world work, embrace your moon phase personality and try to put a little bit of your moon destiny into your everyday life. Check this moon phase calculator to determine your personal moon phase or try one of these beautiful moon necklaces from Moonglow.



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