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Talking about all things lunar that move us, change us and link us.


“Everyone wants to be your sun, but not me. I want to be your moon
so I can light up your darkest moments when your sun isn’t around.” - Anonymous

Blinded by love? It may be hard to tell if love is true when someone is celebrating you in the light. Yet, if that someone sticks with you in your darkest hours -- listens, comforts, supports and never gives up on you -- now, that’s real love!

With the celebrated day of love fast approaching, look to the moon for inspiration. Gifting chocolates and flowers may be traditional, but savvy moon lovers don’t stop there. As deeply felt as a personal poem or love song, a gift that honors a cherished moment in time -- whether it’s a wedding day, anniversary, birthday or any day of personal significance -- is one that will be shared and treasured forever.

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love to your true loves -- your friends, family as well as your beloved -- with Moonglow, a gift that honors the love you take as personally as the love you make. Shown below, Moonglow's Lovers In A Locket Necklace.


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Cheryl Cassese Gregory - Thank you MoonGlow Jewelry for my beautiful necklace that I won in your recent contest! Love it! Thank you so, so much!!!



"The moon, as it was, on the night we saw Fleetwood Mac.."
~ @sarford92


Dina Hickman -  "I was going to order the same thing! I saw them on 1/31/2015"

Loving @joansfitlife's pic of her Moonrise Ring
& Fairy on the Moon Necklace; both by Moonglow Jewelry...




                                          Janice Glass - "Will you be at The Renaissance Festival in Deerfield Beach this year? I really hope so!"



A Little Lunar Knowledge


According to Astronomy Notes, a day on the Moon -- the the time between one sunrise and the next --
averages about 29.53 Earth days. This is the same as the cycle of phases of the Moon, which is known as a synodic month.





The first time you kissed me at the end of our street
The gas lamps shone above us, young lovers we'd meet
But the old town has gone now and it's winter too soon
Still we waltz beneath our valentine moon 

The streets and the market and the old dog and bell
We've gone through the changes, we've lived our lives well
But the old town is gone now and it's winter too soon
Still we waltz beneath our valentine moon 

Valentine moon, valentine moon
We danced together as old lovers do
Valentine moon, valentine moon
We'll always remember our valentine moon 

Cette fois que tu m'embrasse, au bout de notre rue
Les lampes de gaz nous allumiere, toi et moi jeunes amants
But the old town is gone now and it's winter too soon
Still we waltz beneath our valentine moon 



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