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Types of People You’ll Find at Every Holiday Party this Season

Its peak party season and the holidays promise to bring out the true party-goer in everyone. Do you make the list?

The Host

Obviously, every party has a host.

These partiers are extra special because they willingly invite people into their homes and personal spaces. They are invested in making sure their friends, family, and random acquaintances, all have a good time at their expense. Look closely and you’ll find subcategories of hosts -- the laidback one, the anxious one, the super-planner, the I’ve-already-had-too-much-mulled wine (and it’s only 7 pm) host, and the list goes on. Treat them well and you’ll never be socially lost.

The Overly-Enthusiastic One

This guy really gets into the holiday spirit. He wears an ugly Christmas sweater to your holiday party and it wasn’t ugly sweater themed or even festively themed at all. You can hear this guy jingling from the next room, and he’s insisting that Mariah Carey’s greatest holiday hits play on a continuous loop…all.night.long.

The Observer

Do you feel like you’re being watched? It’s because you are.

Whether a wallflower or a creepy-McCreeperson, the observer quietly takes in the scene without much engagement. You can’t be sure if they’re even enjoying themselves, but they sure seem alert.

The One Who Knows Everyone

Also known as the social butterfly, this person is happy to see literally everyone. Because she knows them all.

The social butterfly is the best secret weapon of the anxious host who’s desperate to make sure everyone is having a good time. They’ll talk to everyone about anything, making connections everywhere. It’s a skill not a lot of people have and while a valuable resource, dealing with this party-goer can also be exhausting if caught in their crossfire.

The One with the Stories

AKA gossip.

There’s always one that has the freshest cup of gossip tea. If there’s news, they’ve got it. If you’re looking to make your night a bit more intriguing, this person will always have a juicy story for you to chew on. Listening to the gossip might feel taboo and could lead to trouble, but in the very least, they keep it interesting.

The Lush

There’s a fine line between fun and disaster with this one.

The lush can be a great time or your worst nightmare. At the flip of the switch, the lush goes from fun holiday party guest to an uncoordinated, slurring mess. You can usually tell at the beginning of the night which way it’s gonna go. Have your guest-room prepared, just in case, and keep the champagne out of sight.

The Social Media Junkie

It didn’t happen if it’s not on Facebook. And Instagram. And Snapchat. Maybe even a vlog on YouTube. We’ll do it live!

The social media junkie shares every detail of their life with all of their followers on all of their social media outlets. Steer clear of this person if you’re not into showing the world what you’re up to, otherwise be ready to smile for the camera and expect a million notifications for tags, comments, likes, and maybe friend requests. (I don’t know why his best friend’s Uncle Dave wants to follow you) but you may also get some pretty good repost-worthy photos from this pro.

Be honest -- do you fit one of these types?




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