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Moonglow presents: The Toujours Collection

No need to double take, you read that right, we are so excited to welcome and introduce you to our Winter Collection debut. The Toujours Collection is unveiled with some of our favorite pieces to date, with new styles, new product sets but the same authentic and personal feeling. 

Toujours can be translated as always, anyhow and anyway. We wanted a collection that represented the endurance, the everlasting nature, and the commitment many of us have to each other. An idea that included romantic relationships but surpassed them as well to include all types of relationships you might hold close to your heart. 

Without further ado, take a look at the pieces that we’ll be dreaming about all winter long: 

The Atlas Necklace Atlas the Greek God of strength, endurance, and surprisingly astronomy (definitely a Moon fan) was the inspiration for this chic piece. A large link chain is paired with a minimal heart that showcases the Moon from any date you choose. Each link represents moments that will last forever in your mind. Continuous and never faltering, resistant to the challenges that life may throw at you. 


Wholesome Heart Necklace 

Because wholesomeness means inviting, never judging, and always supporting; taking pleasure in the simple things in life, this necklace represents that all while being super cute. Our newest obsession is the square snake chain that is super chic, without taking away too much attention from the main focus: the heart pendant. Featuring the Moon phase from any date, nothing is more personal. 

The Asterism Link Bracelet 

Keeping true with its name asterism, which refers to an obvious collection of stars in the night sky, this bracelet sports tiny twinkles that surround the Moon pendant that shares the Moon phase from any date you want to remember. It’s adjustable and easy to wear and we like to think that the links illustrate those aspects in our lives that never falter and never fail – like the love you may have for friends, family members, or partners. 

Brilliant Blush Jade Bracelet 

Red has always had a hold on our hearts, there’s evidence that it was a top choice even 40 000 years ago. Symbolizing passion, vigor, and of course love, we decided to pair it with Jade that has long been used to signify strength and power to create the ultimate piece of encouragement. When you need a little pick me up this is the bracelet for you, or if you want to help remind a loved one that they are strong and powerful than this bracelet would be the sweetest surprise. This beaded beauty features details like a simple heart tag, a sparkling zircon crystal bead, and a mini-Moon charm. Be bold and ready to take on the world whenever you wear this piece. 


The Lunula Tetrad Necklace 

The number four has always been associated with all things that are solid, with our hopes and aspirations. The Lunula Tetrad Necklace brings your future and past together. Your Moon pendant will show the world the Moon phase from a date that has been important to you while the necklace and four pieces framing the Moon speaks to the things you have yet to achieve. Representing personal strength, we love this piece. The thin gold sliding cable chain makes this like no other piece in your collection. 

Philautia Bracelet 

Pronounced fil•oh•tee•ya, this is one of the 8 types of love: this one representing the love and self-compassion towards oneself. It acknowledges all of our responsibility to care for our well-being and to recognize and cherish our self-worth. To be proud of who you are in your heart of hearts. We are celebrating all members of the LGBTQ+ community with the pride flag that surrounds your Moon charm. Wear it and feel great about yourself, surprise someone and show your support and love by getting a gift that says more. 


Duodecima Charms 

With twelve precious birthstones, one for each month of the year, the Duodecima charms are the ultimate accessory to your accessories. They pair effortlessly with any of your favorite Moonglow pieces, simply clip it on for that extra little bit of luck and good fortune. Your birthstone isn’t just a super cute personal touch but also great at keeping positive energy around you! 


What do you think Moonbabes? Are you as obsessed as we are? What pieces are you eager to add to your collections? We can’t wait to see these pieces on you. Remember to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials!


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