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The Top Custom Necklaces: Names, Moon Phases, and More!

Looking for the perfect, unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a special someone in your life? One of the best ways to ensure you’re giving a one-of-a-kind gift is to go with something custom and personalized  -- there’s no better choice than a custom necklace. It could be a custom necklace with a name, a birthstone, or something more unique… Whether your style is flashy and glamorous or more subdued, there are many ways to customize a necklace to make it the perfect gift.


Does your loved one love to strut her stuff? Is she the life of the party? Consider getting her a necklace that has her name on it -- it could beaded or a gold or silver plated design. The options, really, are endless. First popularized by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, name necklaces are now very much in vogue once again -- we’re seeing them pop up everywhere.

So let your loved one proclaim herself to the world with a necklace that says this is who I am and I love it! Or if they’re a little more introverted but still like the idea of a name necklace, consider buying one with your name or the name(s) of your children to celebrate your relationship and the special things you share.


custom necklaces name

The most obvious way to customize a necklace is to choose a piece of jewelry with your loved one’s birthstone. Each month has its own birthstone (and most months have more than one, so if be sure that you know, for instance, whether you friend with an October birthday prefers amethyst to opal or vice versa).

Many people feel they have a special connection to their birthstone because of the gem’s association with their birthday -- as a result, it’s not uncommon for people’s birthstone to end up being their favorite color. So you’ll be picking out something that is both custom and to your loved one’s liking.

Go even further with customization and pair your own birthstone with your special someone’s if you’re celebrating an anniversary or milestone. Or if it’s Mother’s Day or something of that ilk, consider celebrating with a necklace that features the birthstones of your mom or wife’s children to celebrate them and honor them.


Want to commemorate your loved one with a special message that only you share? Rather than choosing something obvious like a birthstone or zodiac sign, go with something more subtle and metaphorical -- choose charms that signal your relationship to each other and some of the things you love to share. Or even select charms that reflect things they love.

Do they love to read? Buy them a necklace with a book charm. Maybe they’re really into the theatre? Perfect -- go with a drama mask charm. Did you guys meet at your college football game? Buy a football charm or something that represents your school mascot. In this case, the sky really is the limit for what you select as a custom design.

Moon Phases

custom necklaces name


This is perhaps one of the most unique options for a custom necklace. Find out what the moon phase is on a special date and commemorate it in a necklace. Was it a full moon the night you were married? Maybe your loved one was born under a waxing gibbous. Perhaps your first child together entered this world under a waning crescent.

No matter what unique date you want to recognize and immortalize in your jewelry, you can! Simply enter the date of your special memory in Moonglow’s Moonphase calculator -- it will tell you what the moon looked like in the night sky and that precise date and then you can display that gorgeous moonphase in a one-of-a-kind necklace. Moonglow offers many beautiful settings and metals so you can choose the customized necklace of your special someone’s dreams. If you want to make it even more special, choose a moonphase and pair it with an appropriate birthstone in one of our birthstone zodiac necklaces.

Zodiac Signs

If you want to celebrate your partner or your children’s birthday, consider getting them a necklace that features their zodiac sign. Whether that be a charm or an engraved etching of the symbol for their astrological sign, there are a lot of options for celebrating the special influence of the planets and stars on your loved one’s birthdate.

Celebrate their balanced nature as a Libra or embrace their doggedness and stubbornness as a Capricorn with a zodiac sign necklace. It’s a fun thing to celebrate in a piece of jewelry and if your loved one is into astrology, all the better.

There are so many options for finding fun and stylish custom necklaces. Names, moon phases, or birthstones are all creative ways to express yourself in your jewelry. What’s your favorite way to personalize your accessories?


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