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The Moon and Astrology: How the Moon Affects Your Future

The moon is one of the most powerful and mysterious forces on Earth—it exerts influence over everything from the tides to human behavior. Indeed, the moon is thought to be so powerful that many credit it to holding sway over everything from mental health to fertility to menstruation cycles and more. Ancient peoples believed the moon so powerful that they created the myth of the werewolf—a human who turns into a bloodthirsty wolf under a full moon.

Given this, it only makes sense that the moon would also have an impact on your zodiac sign and horoscope each month. The phase of the moon at your birth is indicative of your lunar personality—its own complicated thing separate from your zodiac sign. But the phase of the moon each month and its various cycles can also directly impact your course of action for the month in question depending on your astrological sign.

The moon and its phases are crucial because many believe the moon is tied to your inner life that you share only with yourself and most intimate friends and family. The moon influences your most unguarded, secret, private self -- the individual that comes out from pure instinct, seen publicly only during a crisis. Because of this, many believe the moon influences mental well-being. Indeed, this is the root of the word “lunatic” with some once linking mental illness to moon cycles. Though this isn’t directly linked, the moon and its relationship to yourself does play a role in your interior life, feeling stable and in control, and a deep sense of emotional security.

Given all of this, let’s take a look at how the moon affects your zodiac sign each month.


The full moon of each month is a time of great productivity for Aries, one of the most determined and confident signs. Use that period of the month to finish outstanding projects and you’ll receive well-deserved recognition for your efforts. Aries are also known for being impatient and moody, so the new moon is the ideal time to let go of things that are bothering you. If you’re impatient with a project or relationship, use the new moon to seek out something new and exciting in your life.


The sign of the bull, Taurus are known for being stubborn and set in their ways, which can be both a help and hindrance to personal success. Under a full moon, you are likely to see success in relationships and finance, so turn your attention to such matters at that time. The new moon is a time to focus on more mundane things like the state of your job and home, but Taurus are known for enjoying tasks like cooking and gardening, areas you will excel during a new moon.


Gemini are some of the most talkative and outgoing of the signs. They can be inconstant and indecisive, but they are also social butterflies. The full moon is the best time to indulge this extroverted aspect of your personality; use that period to learn new things and put it to good use during social activities. The new moon can be challenging for the indecisive Gemini; it is a period that inspires a lot of reflection about future plans, but the amount of ideas can be overwhelming and make it difficult to focus.


This is one of the most intuitive and sentimental of all signs. Unflaggingly loyal, a Cancer is known to exhibit extraordinary empathy and compassion. These traits are best employed during the full moon when they will be at the height of their self-confidence, which will lead to an abundance of generosity. As a more intuitive sign it can be difficult to get to know a Cancer; the new moon is their most reflective time and an ideal moment for them to contemplate change in their lives.


A Leo is warm, action-oriented, and enjoys being the center of attention. Their craving to be in the limelight is at its peak during the full moon. Creativity and enthusiasm are firing on all cylinders under a full moon, sending passion levels off the charts. Because of their warm personalities, Leos are often known for their flirtatiousness -- the new moon often provokes new flirtations and inspires a desire to start a new project. This is the perfect time of the month to begin a relationship or new endeavor.


Virgos are some of the most hard-working, practical, and analytical individuals out there. This can sometimes cause them to be very anxious because of their obsession with order and rational thought processes. Energy levels are high for a Virgo under a full moon, pushing them to indulge in their organizational tendencies. This is a great time for them to re-organize their home or office. Under a new moon, Virgo should use their analytical nature to examine projects they’ve procrastinated on and make positive change in their life.


As the scales, Libra tend to look out for peace, harmony, and compromise in the world. They are deeply romantic, loyal, and energetic. Already more creatively inclined, this aspect of their personalities is at high levels under the full moon, so focus on things that draw on creative skills at that time. Because of their romantic tendencies, Libra can often find themselves in unhealthy relationships and the full moon is an ideal time to try to improve these. The new moon is a superb time to plan ahead for your future, specifically via communication with others.


Those under the sign of Scorpio are known for their incredibly calm and cool demeanors, often lending them a mysterious air. Passion levels are high under a full moon, so for this typically cool sign, it’s the ideal time to form emotional connections with others. Conversely, Scorpio are also known for being defensive and rough around the edges, so use the new moon to assess if any patterns of internal behavior should shift to help heal psychological wounds.


As one of the most curious and optimistic signs, Sagittarius are world travelers who crave change. They are at their most attractive under a full moon, attracting a lot of flirtation with their open minds, philosophical world views, and positive demeanor. However, their constant desire for change makes them restless under a new moon, seeking stimulation to break a period of boredom.


A Capricorn is ambitious, incredibly determined, while being practical and conservative in their approach to accomplishing their goals. They are also known for being very helpful, a trait that is in full effect under a full moon, making it an ideal time for positive change at home and at work. As the most ambitious of signs, they should use the influence of the new moon to evaluate priorities and eliminate things from their life getting in the way of their goals.


Aquarius is known for being the most socially conscious of the signs, prompting those born under it to exhibit a lot of humanitarian and philanthropic traits. Under a full moon, contributions are most recognized by others, but they should lay the groundwork for such contributions during a new moon when their ability to foment change and make the world a better place is at its highest level.


Pisces is perhaps the most selfless sign; those born under it demonstrate extraordinary amounts of compassion, empathy, and willingness to help others. Their emotional sensitivity is at high levels under a full moon making this the best time for them to help others and exhibit kindness. On the flip side, Pisces can be fearful and unwilling to accept the help they so freely offer others; the new moon is the best time to remove energy and forces that are holding them back and build healthy relationships with others.

No matter your sign, the moon phase can have a dramatic impact on your mood and your future. Using a moon phase calendar, you can better predict what new challenges may be just around the corner.


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