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The Meaning Behind a February Birthstone Necklace

Purple has long been associated with royalty, and Amethyst is the sole gemstone that bears the vibrant prized purple hue. Denoted as the birthstone of all those born in the month of February, Amethyst holds court over the month of love. And, supposedly,even St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring (carved with cupid!).

Amethyst is linked to protecting wearers from intoxication, and the stone’s name comes from a Greek word meaning“not drunk.” The purple stone also has been revered by royalty and high-ranking religious leaders. Royal collections from Norway to the U.K. have included amazing Amethyst tiaras and necklaces. Norway’s Amethyst Necklace Tiara converts from a necklace to a tiara and, according to theRoyal Order of Sartorial Splendor, has graced the heads of both Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Some crystal experts also claim that Amethyst promotes peace and calm, and Amethyst may provide these soothing attributes to the wearer. Those born in February may also hold a personal preference for this soothing rich-hued stone. If your birth month is February, show your true colors by wearing a February birthstone necklace styled to suit your personality.

Sweet & Simple

If your personality and style leans conservative and simplistic, you should consider a solitaire amethyst birthstone necklace. Select a chain in your metal preference that hits near (or slightly below) the base of the throat and add a solitaire amethyst pendant. Like all gemstones, amethyst can be cut in any shape; solitaires may be selected in Asscher, cushion, oval, pear, marquise, round, princess, emerald or heart shapes. However, the choice of shape will impact the style of the solitaire. While round, oval or cushion cuts are more traditional, square shapes like princess, Asscher and emerald are more modern. Fancy cuts like marquise, pear and heart shapes also may draw more attention to the pendant. Although, a heart-shaped solitaire necklace is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day!

February birthstone necklace

Silver Splendor

While an amethyst stone looks amazing with any metal hue, the purple hue of the stone pops when set against silver hued metals. And as silver is less expensive than gold or platinum, this metal choice also is a best buy for those on a budget. For a modern silver setting, choose a beaded chain.

Symbolic Significance

When creating an amethyst birthstone necklace, you also can add more charms next to the gemstone pendant for a personalized design. Of course, we love adding moon phase pendants to showcase another symbol of a birthday. However, you also can add a pendant that features the skymap of the day you were born or a pendant displaying both your zodiac sign and your birthstone.

February birthstone necklace

Bold & Dynamic

A February birthstone necklace does not have to feature a simple and smaller sized gemstone. Want more pizzazz? Go for a bold and large amethyst pendant. As this gemstone is plentiful in nature, the cost per carat weight is fairly low. So that 3-carat amethyst isn’t necessarily out of budget! If you are looking for a truly show stopping necklace, accent the amethyst with a diamond halo or a halo of rubies (for Valentine’s Day!).

Go Natural

Gemstone pendants also can include rough-cut stones. Obelisk shaped amethyst, touchstones with thumbprints or even polished beads and stones can create unique birthstone necklaces. When choosing unique amethyst cuts like touchstones or rough cuts, display them on satin or even leather cords. Yes, you also can add other pendants like a moonphase.

February birthstone necklaces may be as elaborate, simplistic or rustic as you desire. Choose the perfect stone shape and cut to create a pendant that fits your style and your individuality. Whether you love the look of an elegant round brilliant amethyst or a rough cut obelisk style pendant, your personality should guide you to the perfect design.


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