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The Capricorn edit

Hey Capricorns!

Yes you, we are excited to welcome your SZN (as it means that 2020 is almost at an end) and we can all celebrate that! You are our sea G.O.A.T.S (greatest of all time) and before you get confused your zodiac is represented by the mythical creature of the sea-goat, basically a body of a goat with a tail of a fish.

The last of the earth signs and ruled by the planet with mighty rings Saturn otherwise known as the task-maker or teacher of tough lessons. Known for being exposed to many hardships at a young age we know that this year has been particularly challenging for many of you Caps.

But tis’ the season to celebrate you for all your accomplishments, your perseverance, and your child-like wonder! Welcome to our Capricorn edit – where we’ve handpicked 10 pieces that we know are perfect for any and every Capricorn. Either treat yourself or thank us for providing you with the ultimate gift guide for those ambitious and loving folks in your life.


Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

As a Capricorn, you don’t need to fluff or the fancy, you’re practical just like this bangle. No nonsense, just simple and sweet. You’re going to love the addition of your Blue Zircon, your birthstone in the cute little charm. Get it in Gold or in Stainless Steel.

The ​Stella Necklace ​in Gold

Pay homage to your inner Capricorn with our fav zodiac featuring piece, the ​Stella Necklace.​ Not only do you get to showcase the Moon from any date that has helped shape who you are today, but you also get to show off your Capricorn symbol as it sits above your Moon pendant.

The ​Cosmic Spiral Ring i​n Rhodium

Freshen up your ring situation by adding this irresistible beauty to your collection. Celebrate how your ambitions have paid off by selecting a date of an accomplishment that always makes you smile with pride. We love the different take on a classic ring with the spiral that wraps around your finger, a Moon on one end, and a tiny Swarovski crystal on the other.



Moon Memory ​Key Ring

No matter your astrological sign we could all get a little better at knowing where our keys are. We wonder how many hours in our lives are spent rummaging through backpacks, pockets, purses you name it, in search of our keys. Make not finding your keys a memory with our ​Moon Memory K​ ey Ring. With a beautiful Moon phase from any day of your choosing and a thick ring, this is a must-have accessory.

Moon & Crystal T​ie Bar

As a cardinal sign, you’re used to taking actions and launching initiatives. We applaud you for it and think that nothing makes an outfit look sharper than our ​Moon & Crystal Tie Bar. The perfect conversation starter and attention grabber, you’ll feel the big boost of confidence that this little tie bar brings.

The ​Sky Light Necklace ​in Rose Gold

This necklace has long been a fan-favorite. We most definitely know why, the Moon shines brightly and the thin chain makes sure to not steal the spotlight. A bonus with this piece is that you can add an engraving, maybe a word or two, or a number that means a lot!

The ​Mini Simplicity Necklace ​in Gold with Beaded Chain

We cherish you Capricorns for being so dependable, hardworking and responsible. You just know what to say sometimes and can really listen to make someone feel better. With you, it’s simple, just like this necklace. The Gold beaded chain is perfect, and the Moon pendant isn’t overpowering - it’s just right.

Ripple Effect B​racelet

People may think that you’re a bit of a pessimist. We know you’re actually a realist, but you may need to be reminded from time to time that it’s okay to dream and to be excited about the possibilities. This bracelet will help you do exactly that, to help you remember that sometimes you can’t guess what will happen next, what will happen tomorrow, or the wonderful things that life can suddenly surprise you with! All because of the ripple effect.

Lunar Dyad Cuff i​n Gold

What’s better than one Moon? It’s obviously two! We know that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one date that you want to have with you always and with this chic cuff you get two! It might still be a challenge, but it is a little easier than just one. The gold finish goes with everything and this cuff can be worn alone or paired with your other Moonglow favorites.


Things just wouldn’t be the same without you Capricorns, so cheers to you! Cheers to the end of a year and the beginning of the next. Be proud of who you are – we surely are! And be sure to tag us #Moonglowmoment when you’re sporting any of your new pieces for a chance to be featured on our socials.


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