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This Summer Discover something new... Introducing The Moonlight Necklaces

This Summer, it is all about standing out...
and with our newest Collection you can do just that.
We are proud to introduce the Moonlight Necklaces.
Pictured above is the Moonlight Necklace: Namaqua in Silver

This new line highlights some of your favorite pendants in a striking new way.
These beautiful pieces are adorned with shiny silver pendants but now contrast against a deep, dark black chain.
This improved contrast will surely make your moon stand out, even more than before!
There is also a brand new design included in the Collection, the Midnight Apollo necklace which is available now!
Shop these stellar summer Moonlight Necklaces now and stay tuned for our Summer Social Media Contest-- coming this week!
(We will be awarding one lucky winner with one of the Moonlight Necklaces!)
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