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Summer Days - DIY Theme Ideas for your Patio or Backyard

For most of North America, the summer months arrive far too late and disappear far to early. Therefore, you must enjoy each and every fabulous sunny day. Holidays are great, neighborhood pools are awesome, but there are few more treasured retreats than a fun and functional backyard patio. It’s the place you chill after the game, the place you host the family barbecue and the place where you sit and enjoy your morning cup of java. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make your patio special, simply chose a theme or idea and let your imagination take hold. The following are a few ideas to get you started.

Sunny Days

Why not indulge yourself in a little kitsch? Hang a few strands of seventies style patio lanterns, put a little Lighthouse on the speaker and revisit your youth (or your Dad’s youth). Think soda fountain, neon bar signs hung along the fences, and comfy oversized lawn furniture. Or even better repurpose those old milk crates you’ve been lugging around since college. Link them together with twine or zip-ties, measure and have a piece of wood cut to size to fit on top. Sand and varnish the wood and bolt it to the crates. Add some flower-power outdoor cushions and you’re rocking the seventies with a contemporary twist.

Wish Upon a Star

Get your Moonglow on with an out-of-this-world outdoor space. Summer is the perfect time for stargazing, planet watching and howling at the moon (figuratively, of course). Give your patio stellar style by adding futuristic touches such as LED furniture, cool solar lighting, and solar system planters. For this awesome craft you can spray paint a group of pots black and then use a neon stencil or freehand paint the sun and planets. Bonus point for using glow-in-the-dark paint.  Top with topiary plants to add to the futuristic look. You may also want to plan your patio parties around this summer’s night sky events which include some awesome views of Mars and Venus and the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.  Make sure you don’t forget the telescope and a constant flow of space-themed drinks and snacks!

A Touch of Lux

Go as extravagant as you want with an ultra-luxurious patio. Try a little old Hollywood glam with elaborate gazebos, ornate fountains and beautiful full gardens. If price is no limit, you can dress up your outdoor space to the max and spend your time lounging in true opulence. If you are on a budget, however, don’t fear, you can still dress up your patio with some less expensive pieces that create a scrumptious high-end look. Invest in a couple of cans of high-quality gold spray paint and re-coat those old and tired patio pieces with a shining lamé. Old and tired fences and pergolas can be draped with inexpensive outdoor curtains for a shabby-chic look reminiscent of time-worn castle gardens. For added sparkle, tie them back with pieces of costume jewelry. Accessorize with ornamental garden pieces found at garage sales and dollar stores, and you can get the posh outdoor space you crave without breaking the bank. Pipe in some classic music, fix yourself a fancy snack and indulge in the magnificence of your luxurious back garden.

Unless you love gardening or don’t mind paying for a service, keep your green spaces simple and show your imagination with fabulous accessories.  Find a theme that speaks to you, whether it’s the future, the beach, or Paris in the springtime, you can custom design a patio that showcases and reflects your own personal style.


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