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Style Guide: Steal The Spotlight With Crescent Moon Earrings

Staying on-trend may sometimes prove to be tough with what seems like a revolving door of popular styles, especially when it comes to accessories. However, we have something for even the sassiest of fashionistas that is bound to make a statement.

Our crescent moon earrings (or actually any moon phase earrings!) truly have it all: a pleasing aesthetic, a unique meaning behind them, and the sense of flair needed to stand apart from the crowd. To help you understand how to take advantage of this fun lunar trend, we’re delving into why this style is so popular and how bring your A-game when you wear your favorite moon earrings.

Why Moon Earrings are All the Rage

Making a bold statement with a little help from a fashionable piece of jewelry has never been simpler than it is with a pair of moon phase earrings.

Besides their obvious aesthetic appeal, this accessory has a lot going for itself! First, and perhaps most obviously, these earrings center around something that us, as humans, have been obsessed with for quite some time: the moon. A luminous wonder, the moon is behind many well-known myths and theories about our health and behavior, and it plays a big role in our lives, even if we don’t realize it on a day-to-day basis. The significance of this spiritual part of nature makes these earrings pretty hard to resist.

These earrings are also widely popular due to their customizable nature. You can choose the shape of the moon on the actual earrings, dictated by which moon phase it represents, when you purchase these products. Whether you choose a phase based on the way it looks or to signify an important date in your life, this makes purchasing and wearing these earrings even more fun and special.

Styling Full or Crescent Moon Earrings

There’s no better way to strut your stuff than with a host of accessories that compliment your shiny and new moon phase earrings! If you opt for our classic studs, try wearing them alongside a cozy, oversized blanket scarf and sleek sunglasses as you pop around town running errands. Together, you’ll look endlessly stylish - all while maintaining a functional style!

As far as your hair goes, to make your studs really stand out, pile your hair into either a messy bun or a neat sock bun on the top of your head. These are hairstyles that are easy to throw together once you roll out of bed in the morning, but they make it look like you spent hours primping and styling!

Styling Full or Crescent Moon Hanging Earrings

If you instead choose to enjoy our dangly moon phase earrings, you’re naturally making a bit more of a statement! While the earrings alone are enough to sport a look that’s off the charts, we understand if you’re looking to give your aesthetic even more pizazz! Do so by first, choosing the right hairstyle. To make these earrings really pop, try putting your hair in a simple french braid, opting to wear it to one side if you like the asymmetrical look. This draws an abundance of attention to your earrings, the real star of the show!

Pair your earrings with a deep and dark lipstick color. Then, layer on loose fitting chambray top over a form fitting tank top for an overall look that really stands out among the crowd. You’ll look chic and be the envy of every girl you see with this stellar look!

Crescent moon earrings are an exciting piece of jewelry that channel the spiritual energy of the moon and represent a special moon phase, all while looking incredibly stylish! Be the envy of all your friends by getting your own pair to wear to work, on a hot date, for a girl’s night out, or as you simply carry out day-to-day tasks and they’ll quickly become your go-to accessory.


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