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Talking about all things lunar that move us, change us and link us.


“Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon
 so much he died every night to let her breathe.” - Anonymous



O Moon, the closest heavenly body to our Earth and the only one we humans have ever visited. For thousands of years the Moon has been our comfort and our compass, speaking to our soul and guiding us in darkness. As the feminine counterpart to the masculine sun, we are endlessly fascinated by her lunar mystique as she changes daily before our eyes.

A new moon is believed to invite new beginnings, transformation and adventure, while the waning moon is thought to be a time for cleansing -- ridding ourselves of those elements that may be holding us back from experiencing all that life has to offer.

At Moonglow we honor all the private earthly moments that link us to the magic and wonder of the moon. From birthdays and marriages to the passing of those dear to us, there’s always a moon to remind us and a unique and meaningful Moonglow design to connect us. Pictured below, Moonglow's Five Charm Rebirth Bracelet, perfect for holding your significant memories close to your heart.


Align your moon with those you love this Holiday season. It’s never too early to choose a personally symbolic bracelet or pendant celebrating the moments or memories you and your friends and family hold most sacred. Then share them with us here! Your memories inspire Us! We love hearing your MOONGLOW stories and comments. SHOOT THE MOON WITH US! And don't forget to shoot a selfie!

Kimberly McNett posted this note to us on FB - “My first born was born on a blue moon! LOVE my Moonglow necklace with it!! Now I have
to get a necklace for my newborn!!! (After I go back to work in the fall.)”

And Nicole Bennett Vacha shared her unexpected yet moving personal MOONGLOW experience.

“Moonglow Jewelry took on a whole new meaning to me when I was at Comic Con Chicago on August 22, 2015. I stopped to look at the mesmerizing display and come to find out that my mom, my daughter and myself were all born under a new moon. I purchased my Moonglow piece with the thought that I would purchase one for my mom and daughter for Christmas. My mom passed away suddenly on September 9th, 2015 of a massive heart attack and had discussed in the weeks prior that when she died, her wishes were to be cremated. We granted her wish and since I will not have my mom here for Christmas, my Moonglow piece was sent to the heavens with her on September 14, 2015! I want to thank you for making me aware of another wonderful connection I share with my girls, here and in the heavens! PS. I have picked out that wonderful piece that I will purchase for myself and my daughter! Here is the piece that now rests among the stars!"

From the land down under, Simone Dines also wrote in -

“I was blown away yesterday going to your stall at the Melbourne Royal. I actually asked the very nice lady to look at the moon on 27/12/81 the day my father passed away. Your beautiful just special staff (lady who served me) was so incredibly understanding. We both shed a tear. This was truly a special moment for me.”



A gigantic full moon hugging the horizon isn’t exactly what it seems. The moon is always the same size but our brains are tricked into seeing it
larger. Called ‘moon illusion’, the moon appears larger when it’s near the horizon and surrounded by trees, buildings, mountains and objects on the ground to which its size can be compared rather than when it appears high the vast dark night sky. Take a photo of both moons and see for yourself!


Do you have a memory you’d like us to feature, moon pics you’d like to share or a question about Moonglow Jewelry?

Just email Julien at








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