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Zipping around the zodiac, the moon completes its circuit in less than a month, touching

us deeply during all of its phases. This ephemeral satellite known as the ruler of tides is

also believed to be the ruler of our emotions. Manifested through our inner being’s moods

and instincts, emotions are often described in terms of the sea like fluid, changing and

churning from within -- and in common expressions like still waters run deep, making

waves, salty tears and wellsprings of emotion.


 While the sun inspires our spirit, the moon gives us our soul, awakening the emotions

deep within us and inspiring us to create and bring beauty into the world by doing

what we love.


 At Moonglow, we love bringing your life’s moments to light with a uniquely personal

collection created to soothe the soul and forever remind you of your sacred connection

to the moon.


SHOOT THE MOON WITH US   We love hearing your comments and stories!


Rebecca Means Andrew recently wrote “Love my moonglow necklace -- birthday and anniversary moons.”


Rocking his (name of Moonglowpendant), Gerry Lee writes “I just realized the centre piece, you can turn it around. How cool is that? Love mine by the way.”


Spooky, but in a good way...Jen Faeline shared her moon-lit night with us on Facebook:


“I have always loved the moon, but lately I feel so extremely drawn and almost obsessed with it. Last night I wore my Moonglow Jewelry bracelet to bed. The moon on it glows in the dark. Normally the glow doesn't last long at all, but last night it had a dim glow ALL night long, even this morning. There is no light source in my bedroom to have fed it any light. I also found myself sleeping with my Selenite palmstone in my other hand most of the night as well. Coincidence? I doubt it. I feel the moon was making her presence known for me. This has all triggered some lunar related oracle card ideas as well, but for now that will have to go into the "ideas" notebook while I tackle my many other projects. I just wanted to share that I found it amazing that my bracelet glowed all night even though it's glow usually goes away quickly.”


 Imaginative, inspiring and infinitely collectible.  


Feel like you’ve been daydreaming and now it’s practically the holidays? It’s not

too late to treat yourself or charm those you love to a rare and personal gift from Moonglow. Too special not to share, our innovative hand-finished bracelets and pendants designed to hold the sacred moons they’ll treasure always make the perfect gifts to give and receive.


What do you want to remember? Every purchase will enter your name into our

HOLIDAY MOONGLOW contest offering our moon lovers a $50 gift certificate. 

toward their next purchase, including our latest designs in The Reflection Collection.


Large white walls beg for lunar art -- check out the oversized and inspiring options at



Do you have a memory you would like to share with us. Email us at

Every Moment has a Moon. 


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