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Phase of The Moon Jewelry for BFFs To Give This Christmas

Searching for holiday gifts requires thought and planning, especially when you’re hunting for the perfect present for your best friend. What do you get the person who has seen you through the best and worst times of your life, who answers your phone calls in the middle of the night?

A gift card simply won’t suffice. Neither will bath bombs, no matter how cool they might seem (and, we’ll admit, some of them are REALLY cool!). Give your BFF a gift that reveals that you would go the moon and back for the friendship and for her (or him!). To celebrate that unbreakable bond of friendship, give a gift of the moon with customized moon phase jewelry.

Every moon phase holds meaning and impacts each personality in a unique way. Those born under the full moon hold different personality traits than those born under the waxing gibbous phase.  Celestial bodies naturally take hold of the Earth and us. Creating a custom moon phase necklace, bracelet, or ring celebrates the celestial originality of your friendship.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that make ideal gifts for the holidays:

Lunar Twin Charm Necklace

Remember those necklaces that featured two interlocking pieces of a heart that you would both wear to show the world you were Best Friends? The Lunar Twin Charm Necklace is the grown up big sister of the traditional Best Friend necklace. This necklace features two customizable moon phase charms (one representing you, one for your BFF). While these charms are worn together, the purpose remains the same—to celebrate the unbreakable bond of friendship. Use your birth dates or other dates that are significant to your friendship (her birthday and the day you met).

Walk on the Moon Bracelet

This corded bracelet is perfect for all genders. The bracelet features one moon phase charm that you can customize. Select a birthday, the day you first became friends or another fun date that only the two of you know the meaning.

Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace

Layered necklaces are fashion’s must-have accessory. However, this necklace features dual chains that are joined together so you don’t have to worry about the pendants becoming tangled.  Select a birthstone and a moon phase to customize the perfect holiday gift.

Owl at the Moon Necklace

Owl pendants embrace a boho 70s vibe. Symbolizing wisdom and associated with the night, owls also hold a sense of mysticism and were referenced in many folktales and legends. This pendant combines the magic of the night with the wonder of the owl and features a customizable moon phase within the owl’s body. Whether you select a birthday or another occasion, the Owl at the Moon pendant will be a bewitching gift.

Twin Moon Soulmate Charm Bracelet

Showcase your soulmate bond and friendship with the Twin Moon Soulmate Charm Bracelet. Choose your moon phase and your friend’s moon phase to create a one-of-a-kind friendship bracelet. The link chain also allows for more charms to be added in the future.

Signature Skymap Necklace

This particular pendant requires you to do a little bit of homework. The Signature Skymap Necklace shows the unique alignment of the planets during any point in time. Most choose their birth time for their Skymap, however, when gifting this for a friend, you may also use the moment you met.

No matter what moon phase jewelry piece you choose, we’re sure that no other gift will be quite like it! While the customized gift will showcase your friendship and your friend’s celestial personality, each charm lights up the night with a soft glow reminding the wearer of the beauty, magic and infinite wonder of the moon.


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