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Perfect Birthstone Necklace for Grandma!

It’s a universal truth: Grandma’s are great. They take care of us with the love and tenderness of our parents, and spoil us with the ferocity of our friends. She makes the best cookies, tells the best stories, and is one of the best conversationalists ever.


Grandma, I wonder
where you keep your wings.

Are they hung in your closet
with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away
and just use them at night

-Grandma's Wings by Ricky R. Hernandez


Christmas is approaching, and birthdays are year round. So how do you find the perfect present to represent your relationship with your grandma? My suggestion is to get a birthstone necklace for grandma this year!

What’s a birthstone?

A birthstone is a special gemstone that matches up with a particular month. They’ve been selected over the years very specifically for their beauty, and supposed mystical properties.

Each Birthstone by month

  • January is garnet 
  • February is amethyst
  • March is aquamarine
  • April is diamond
  • May is emerald
  • June is turquoise
  • July is ruby
  • August is peridot 
  • September is sapphire  
  • October is opal
  • November is topaz
  • December is blue zircon

For our more in depth explanation of the birthstones and how perfect a birthstone necklace for grandma is, click here.

How to pick the perfect birthstone necklace for Grandma!

It’s a perfect present, but how do you pick out the best stone? Do you go for grandma’s birthstone? Or yours? Or maybe your parents?

That answer all depends on you and your family, and the occasion. A birthstone necklace for grandma for Christmas could be anything: your birthstone to showcase your relationship, her birthstone to showcase her personality, that’s a deeply personal decision that definitely needs to be made by you. But just know: no matter what birthstone necklace you get for grandma she’s probably going to love it, especially if it’s one of these stunning designs from Moonglow!

Classic Birthstone Necklace in Pewter


Don’t mistake classic for basic, or even basic for boring. Classic just means that this style and design has stood the test of time in a way a lot of other designs never have. Classic is simple and elegant, a stunning detail for anyone and everyone. This one in particular is a great timeless design, making it an effortless accessory for grandma to wear casually, formally, and anywhere in between.

The moon phase on it is entirely customizable, simply pick out a special date (her birthday for example) and the Moonglow’s moon phase calendar will dig through history and pick out what the moon phase was on that day!


If you want to learn more about the moon phases, read our blog post about it here!


This necklace comes in pewter, which is part of what makes the design so unique and special. Instead of silver, or gold, which would make it like any other birthstone necklace on the market it stands out with this darker more matte textured metal and chain.


Birthstone Zodiac Necklace in Pewter


This design is very similar to the classic necklace I described above, but with some change-ups. Exchange the decorative filigree surrounding the classic version and instead surrounding the moon phase pendant is a clever diagram of the zodiac symbols.

This design has all the elegance of the classic version, but with the new detail it’s now even more customized. It makes a unique statement that grandma definitely won’t be able to resist.

The zodiac is an ancient way of measuring time by the stars, and some people still believe that it’s a guide for determining a person’s personality traits and often times, their future.


For a more in-depth explanation of the Zodiac signs and what they mean, check out this link before buying this birthstone necklace for grandma.


This necklace is loaded with elegance and personality, and it is without a doubt one of the best birthstone necklaces you could get your grandma this year for either Christmas, or her birthday.

Apollo Birthstone Necklace


Apollo is the Ancient Greek god of the sun, and the way the birthstones on this surrounds the moon, it’s a good place to get it’s name from. The customizable stone that surrounds the necklace is where the birthstone will be. This is a great change from the more typical birthstones that are just single stones in the middle of a design.

But that difference is really what makes this birthstone necklace for grandma pop! It’s elegant, but it’s flashy. It wants to stand out and by-gum it’ll make your grandma sparkle this holiday season!


These are just three of the wide variety of birthstone necklaces for grandma that can be found at There is so much more to explore in designs, metals, settings, and to make every one special with the custom moon phase is just the cherry on top of the already beautiful necklaces. To see more of the great moonglow birthstone necklaces for grandma, click the link at the bottom.

Moonglow is an online jewelry store that specializes in custom necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Each piece of jewelry they sell can be customized to emphasize a special night in your life by replicating the moon phase that was showing that night. It doesn’t matter the date, their moon phase calculator can find the accurate phase of the moon. And just like their name suggests, each moon absorbs light in the day, and glows at night, helping you to shine like you did on your special day.

Check out the wide selection of birthstone necklaces for grandma here, or peruse the entire website’s collection of jewelry by clicking here. 


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