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How Do We Take Our Tea? Very Seriously.

Our Favourite Teas from Morning to Moonlight

A cup of tea is the perfect companion to just about anything, from starting your day right, to a much-needed afternoon pick me up, to helping lull you to sleep. For almost 40 years, our friends at Harney & Sons have been creating high quality loose leaf and herbal teas and we’re so excited to spill the tea and share that we’re collaborating with them on a special giveaway for all our followers!

One lucky Moonbabe will receive a prize from Harney & Sons and Moonglow including their very own Milestone Bracelet customized to the date of their choice. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the details and in the meanwhile read on for our breakdown of their must-try teas from dawn till dusk.

Start Your Day Off Right... with the Winter White Earl Grey Tea

Think of this tea like the white of winter, bringing forward a fresh and crisp attitude perfect to start your morning. Chinese Mutan White tea forms the base providing floral elements, and a lemony bergamot oil gives an enjoyable citrus quality. When we need to start our days with a clear perspective you can bet this is the tea we’re reaching for.

Banish the Call of Afternoon Nap Time 

Thanks to our circadian rhythms, it’s normal for you to get a little sleepy between 2-4pm. Your core body temperature dips ever so slightly causing the trigger of the snooze-inducer melatonin. We may miss those afternoon naps that we couldn’t stand as children, but in reality, most of us can’t indulge in a siesta. Luckily, Harney & Sons have two wonderful solutions for helping make it through even your busiest days!

Blueberry Green

Awaken your senses and jump-start your afternoon with this delicious lemongrass, blueberry and vanilla green tea that can be enjoyed either hot or iced. With light notes, it’s a soothing yet revitalizing blend.


Aren’t we all dreaming of Paris right about now? This blend was inspired by the teas served in Parisian Tea Shops and has now become one of the most popular and beloved blends worldwide. With a black and oolong tea base, black currant, caramel and bergamot oil, the aroma alone is simply delightful. Did you know that black tea not only contains caffeine but also contains a little bit of a stimulating substance known as theophylline? It gently speeds up your heart rate making you feel more alert and ready to get things done!

Moonlight Magic to Enhance a Peaceful Sleep

As the moon rises slowly each night, and we start winding down and getting ready to sleep, a warm comforting tea (caffeine-free of course) helps to achieve the deep, restful sleep we’re all after.

Decaf Vanilla

To end off your day with a little bit of sweetness, we love the Vanilla Comoro, a decaf black tea featuring notes of vanilla. The perfect companion to lay the worries of the day aside.

Yellow and Blue

Unlike the other teas featured so far, this one is actually a tisane (pronounced ti-zahn), an herbal blend of three sleep inducing flowers: chamomile, lavender and cornflower. It makes for a perfect candidate for our one of our favourite moonlight recipes: Moon Milk.

With lots of exposure on social media, Moon Milk is a wellness trend that we can get behind. Deriving from Ayuverdic traditions, which is considered to be the oldest healing science by many (translated from Sanskrit it means “The Science of Life”).

The possibilities for curating customized Moon Milk are endless, but here is a great start with the Yellow and Blue tisane as the star.

P.S. We would love to see your special touches on your own Moon Milk, tag us using #MoonglowMoonMilk and make sure you’re following along on Instagram!


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