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Numerology + Multi-Moon Pieces

Let’s get numerical Moonbabes. Whether you realize it or not, your life is run by numbers. They tell you it’s time to wake up, that you’re late for your Zoom call, that you probably shouldn’t DoorDash your fifth Starbucks this week, and that it’s the day you rescued your precious pooch; the list goes on and on. There are very few things in life where numbers don’t make an appearance to show off their influence.

With that being said, it really comes as no surprise that numbers, being our constant companions, are considered by some to be the basic elements that make up the universe. The study of numbers in your life is known as numerology.

The idea is that if you can understand what the universe is dependent on (numbers) you can understand things about the world around you and more importantly about yourself. Just like astrology, numerology is not exactly a science, although there is a system in place with very specific rules. To each there own; but why not have some fun and learn a little something about numerology?

Numerology is fairly complicated and calls for an expert in the field known as a master numerologist to provide you with an accurate understanding and breakdown of the 5 core elements that make up your personal chart. Just like in astrology, you can go down a rabbit hole learning about yourself for hours. Essentially, at its core, numerology tells us that numbers in your life can mean certain things as they themselves are representative of certain traits and features.

Here at Moonglow, we primarily work with numbers 1 through 4, so we’ve done a little bit of digging to learn more about these first four numbers. Think about moments where you feel like you see the same numbers all the time. Could the universe be trying to tell you something? You never know!

Numerology: Number One

Representing possibility, creation and opportunity. One is a natural front runner, leading the way with confidence, power and taking action when needed. Being the first of all the natural numbers (zero is another story all on its own), there’s no surprise that it’s connected with flexibility, efficiency and being a powerhouse of numbers. But we’ve all heard the song that “one is the loneliest number” and sometimes the drive and focus needed to achieve goals, doesn’t have time to stop for anyone or anything. 

Numerology: Number Two

In the cult classic “Ms. Congeniality” William Shatner sings a song about Miss United States that include the lyrics, “She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s elegance and taste” and that is exactly how the number two is viewed. A mix of those lyrics and Sandra Bullock’s character who is tough and powerful encapsulates everything the number two has to offer. Recognized as being sensitive to surroundings, with a strong intuitive sense able to understand, empathize and connect with others. Looking at the number two, we know that it’s based on balance and partnership, a mediator that accesses situations to bring forth a fair result.

Numerology: Number Three

Let’s get the party started. Number three brings an energy that everyone wants to have around. Known for being extremely amiable, communicative and approachable, it’s like that friend you want at all your special events because everyone has a great time when they’re around. With an artistic side, the creativity flows freely creating things that others wouldn’t normally think of; a type of originality that has everyone in awe. If three had a slogan, it would be live, laugh, and create incredible things. With all the zest for living its best life, three can sometimes come off as naïve, like a child who is just napping and snacking and doesn’t understand the realities that are soon approaching in grade school.

Numerology: Number Four

What more can you ask for than four! The number 4 exudes strength, stability and is considered to be extremely dependable. It’s not fancy or flashy, its sturdy, you can always count (get it-ha!) on four. No beating around the bush, no BS, simple and effective. With great dependability comes a fierce loyalty and a steady wisdom. Flexibility is definitely not a strong suit though, limiting itself to what it has believed and will continue to believe, all while not really being willing to give second chances once someone has made a mistake.

If you create a numerology chart, the most important numbers are 1-9, so we hope this breakdown has given you a head start in learning a few fun facts about yourself Moonbabe. Do you have a number that you consider lucky or are particularly drawn to? Let us know and show off your multiple Moons with #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials.

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