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Talking about all things lunar that move us, change us and link us.


“What the heart gives away is never gone. It is kept in the hearts of others.” - Anonymous



Although not all relationships make for juicy cinema, real love stories don’t just happen in the movies. Everyday, couples experience everything from light-hearted comedic first meetings -- think Trainwreck -- to the heart-wrenching dramatic moments that bond them forever. Through all the euphoria, hysteria and risk-taking that occurs in a modern romance, there remains the one emotion that stays true and connects us all: Love.

Whether you’re already in love or in getting in the mood, look to the moon for an unforgettable personal gift to give your lover ... or treat yourself the perfect indulgence. After all, love grows first within our own hearts. Shown above, The Fire Taijitu, Moonglow's universal Yin/Yang symbol for love in balance.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your fans at MOONGLOW.

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Love that you met on a blind date? Or when you bought your first home together? Beyond the most celebrated milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and the day you tied the knot, there are so many meaningful moments meant to be shared and celebrated with the one you love. Surprise one other with uniquely original  artisan-crafted jewelry by MOONGLOW that forever connects you to a personal moment you’ll cherish forever. Then be sure to share your story with us on FB -- don’t forget to shoot a selfie!


"Who are you thinking about during this special time of year...?"
Only 2 days till Valentine's Day!



New Moon Blessings:




"Hold the moon in your hands, hold the moon in your heart,
hold the moon around you where you go with Moonglow Jewelry."
@mor_shelly capturing the moon



Kristina Diaz - "My photo featured on Moonglow Jewelry"




The Moon has no atmosphere -- meaning its surface is unprotected from cosmic rays,
meteorites and solar winds, and has huge temperature variations. This lack of atmosphere                                                                                            also means no sound can be heard on the Moon and the sky always appears black. -


Earthrise Over the Moon





Romantic Duality: Sun and Moon Steel Wall Art

A mystical eclipse sparks romance between the sun and the moon
in a design by Mexico's Alejandro de Esesarte.


Pagan Serpent Moon Sweatshirt @



 Cover Photo th1_2.jpg


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