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Mix and Match Birth date moon pendants with formal wear


Some people live for the formal wear, and some people live for their jeans. Some people wish they had more occasions to dress in their formalwear, and others cringe at the very notion of it. Either side of the argument is fine, but it’s still good to be prepared for any semi-formal to formal event that comes your way. Knowing how to wear a formal outfit, and accessorize it to look your best is knowledge that won’t go amiss.

What qualifies as formalwear?

Formalwear is generally speaking of eveningwear, so things such as gowns, tuxedoes, and things of that nature. Usually black and white, though for women the range of colors is greatly expanded when it comes to colors. But, birth date moon pendants are a great match for any style of outfit!

Events that call for formalwear

Formal diners, garden parties, black tie style weddings are the most typical occasions for formalwear, but it’s not the only. There are also formal dances, like proms and the like. Just about all of these occasions could be accessorized with a birth date moon pendant too!


For formal events, consider healing moon jewelry to match with your birth date moon pendants!


How to Mix and Match Birth date moon pendants with other accessories

In other words? It’s very subjective.When you’re accessorizing your formal wear, consider what kind of accessories that it needs. Some outfits will require subtlety and very delicately styled birth date moon pendants, rather than something that stands out. On the other hand, some outfits will be compatible with something gloriously gaudy and loud. It’s all about personal taste and style that goes with the garment.






Pendant and necklace tips

When you’re picking out your necklace, or necklaces, it’s important to consider length. Necklaces are great things to mix and match the birth date moon pendants with, mixing it up with short and long lengths of chain will create visual interest and depth in your “design.” Be careful to avoid necklaces that are too short, or that are too similar in length that might get tangled with each other, and clash.

Another thing is to keep track of the types of metal, and colors of the other stones involved. With the metals, bronze and gold have a tendency to clash when put together, same with pewter and silver, and while silver and gold can get a bit too “matchy matchy” when you put them together, mixing the metal textures can be really interesting with your birth date moon pendants.

When you’re mixing it up, try mixing the silver with bronze, and the gold with the pewter. There’s a lot to be gained by the right mix-up with the typical metallic and the more hard edge ones. Pewter and copper are a good match together too, but just like mixing silver and gold, it can become a little one note if you don’t add a splash of something else in.

Try a long copper chain with a birth date moon pendant, a medium length real or faux pearl necklace, and a choker style birth date moon pendant necklace. The combination of these will be both regal, formal, and interesting to look at. Keeping the colors in the neutrals or metallic range also keeps it appropriate for a multitude of different styles of dresses.


Other types of birth date moon pendants

Not all pendants belong to necklaces. You can have a birth date moon pendant on a bracelet as well. If the neckline on your dress is a bit too awkward for a good birth date moon pendant on a necklace, then consider mixing it up with a bracelet. A pendant on a bracelet is a great change up from the standard pieces of jewelry.


There are more than bracelets too, check out this great post on how to frame large moon earrings!

Other ways to mix and match birth date moon pendants!

Don’t just mix up the birth date moon pendants in how you wear them, mix up the dates you wear on them! You can get a birth date moon pendant that has anybody’s birthdate on them. Use yourself, your significant other, mom and dad, dear grandma, your children, or even your best friend! Wearing a birth date moon pendant of someone you love dearly will give you the love and comfort of their presence even when they can’t be around.

Every moon phase has a meaning, and every birth date moon has a personality attached. Check out this post to read more about your lunar personality!


Jewelry is meant to make you feel confident and stunning, no matter what the occasion. A good piece of birth date moon jewelry can make you feel fabulous whether you’re in a formal evening gown dancing the night away, or in your jeans and favorite t-shirt shopping for groceries. You deserve to look and feel your best, and with a moonglow birth date moon pendant, you can feel beautiful and loved, from the inside out!


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