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The Special Meaning of the Supermoon: Everything You Need to Know About This Month’s Full Moon

A few times each year, we have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our favourite celestial body, and by close we mean a mere 222 081 miles (357 404 km) away. In honour of having our Luna a little closer, here is a quick look at some history, mystery and majesty of the Supermoon. 

Supermoon • /ˈso͞opərˌmo͞on/

You can add the word “super” to just about any word/sentence; it’s that perfect prefix that helps get your meaning across in a more dramatic way (It’s only Monday? Ugh, it’s going to be a super-long week). In 1979, astrologer Richard Nolle did exactly that, he coined the term “Supermoon” to describe both a New and Full Moon occurring at the same time that the moon is closest to us on its orbit, and therefore appears the biggest in the night sky. Super close and super beautiful. 

Size ~ 14% bigger • Brightness ~ 30% brighter • Scientific Name ~ Perigean Moon

When: March 9th, 2020
Universal Time

Check here to see what time that is in your time zone (Universal Time Converter)

Eyes to the Sky: The best time to see the splendor of the supermoon will be as it is rising and falling in the sky, our eyes are tricked by objects on the horizon which gives us “perspective” and makes the moon look gigantic. Hey, we don’t mind an optical illusion when it comes to the moon.

Ancient Lunar Legends

Although we look to the sky in awe, most ancient people feared the effects that the Supermoon would bring. The word “lunatic” derives from the Roman goddess Luna, as there was a connection between mania and the moon (her visit could drive you mad). Did you know that in medieval England a lighter sentence was given if a crime was committed during a full moon? The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde was allegedly inspired by a man who committed crimes all under the influence of the moon’s full presence. Even fertility and reproduction have long been tied with the lunar cycle as they are similar in length.

The Effect that Affects Us

March’s full moon is additionally called “The Worm Moon” as the ground is beginning to soften, allowing our guardians of the soil (worms) to start moving up and around after being cozy deep underground throughout the winter. The tides will get a little more ~dramatic~, hamsters will run on their wheels more aggressively and there are some reports that coral in the Great Barrier Reef may be mating.

Supermoon Simplicity Necklace

Instead of feeling mania maybe you’ll feel more confident, courageous and excited for the approaching Spring as we catch a glimpse of just how beautiful our next-door neighbor is. Our Supermoon Simplicity Necklace pairs perfectly with this month’s lunar display. This unique event should prompt some consideration about your own achievements, proud moments and those who are special in your life. Mark a special moment by creating a necklace that can be gifted with the Supermoon in mind (even if it’s a little gift to yourself).

Share your photos with us using #SuperMoonglowMarch and tagging us on Instagram @moonglowjewelry, we can’t wait to see them!


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