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Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions By The Light of the Moon

Thinking about your resolutions for 2020?  Although our personal and professional goals are usually front and centre at the beginning of each new year, this year setting our intentions may seem particularly daunting as we enter a new decade.

If you’re like most of us, our resolve to accomplish our goals wanes during the year as life’s other priorities take precedence. For 2020, let’s consider a new strategy using a centuries-old system for manifesting our best intentions.

The ancient system of astrology that followed the cycles or phases of the moon to guide farmers in planting their crops and moving their herds could be just as useful in our modern lives as it was back then.

By harnessing the ebb and flow of the moon’s energy, we may be able pursue our goals more efficiently and effectively. For instance, knowing the best time to initiate or follow up with a potential client can certainly be advantageous when entering new business ventures; while knowing when to let go of an idea may open the door to new possibilities.

Pardon our use of the farmer metaphor again, but here’s the deal: you must provide the energy for your seeds to grow in order to reap a good harvest. In other words, you must have clear goals and be prepared to take action in order to achieve the things you’ve been dreaming of. Follow the moon’s energy and see what transpires in the new year ahead.

Energy flows where energy goes Moonbabes!

New Moon 

The phase when no part of the moon is illuminated. Look to the sky and ask for the wisdom to set your best intentions for the coming year.

    Waxing Crescent 

    A waxing moon is moving to full and each day you see more light. At this phase, less than 50% of the Moon is illuminated. Do your homework: identify the best resources to accomplish your goals -- i.e. the gym closest to you with classes that fit your schedule; the affordable tours to destinations on your bucket list; the options available to earn your Master’s Degree.  Whatever your goals may be, now is the time to start planning how to turn your intentions into action!

    First Quarter Moon

    The moon is half illuminated during the quarter moon, signalling the beginning of some type of change. This could be an obstacle to your goal or a positive move forward, its up to you which way you move.

    Waxing Gibbous

    Over 50% of the moon is illuminated during the waxing gibbous moon phase and energy is building. Tend the seeds you’ve planted at the new moon: initiate contacts, begin a new project, have that important conversation that’s been on hold.

    Full Moon

    When the moon is full it is completely illuminated. Creativity abounds during this moon phase and your seeds (read: goals) are ready to harvest. Avoid distractions and stay focused on what needs to be accomplished.

    Waning Gibbous

    With over 50% illumination, the Moon is moving from full to a fresh beginning at the new moon stage once more. Although the waning gibbous is not always a good time to start new projects, it’s the perfect time to follow up with contacts and continue your progress.

    Third Quarter Moon

    Once again, the moon has returned to half illumination during the quarter moon. Now’s the time to let go of unproductive ideas and meditate on new possibilities for the new moon’s approaching arrival.

    Waning Crescent

    With less than 50% of the moon illuminated and the moon decreasing in energy, this phase signals a time for rest and rejuvenation. A mini holiday or continuing with a project that gives you joy is ideal during the waning crescent lunar phase.

    The moon phases offer a perfect opportunity for us to mark progress, reflect and start over on our goals and resolutions. Just like the new year marks a time for new beginnings, so to does the new moon offer us an opportunity for fresh starts and second chances.

    Bring your connection to the moon’s energy even closer with Moonglow. Set yourself a powerful reminder of your goals and ambitions for the new year with moon phase jewelry that’s uniquely personal to you.

    Whether you’re choosing a date that keeps your intentions close at heart or documenting what’s been accomplished with the memory of a special date - we can’t wait to see where this year takes you Moonbabes and we hope you’ll take us a long for the ride.

    Happy New Year! May the twenties be the best decade yet.

    What’s your #MoonglowMoment? Show us by following along on our Instagram page (@moonglowjewelry) and tagging us in all your lunar looks!


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