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Luna Love is in the Air...

 "The sight of the waves crashing on the jagged boulders under the most magnificent full moon I’d ever seen -- it made my knees go weak. He held me steady. 

When he let go and he dropped to his knees, I thought it was the moon and waves making his knees weak, as they had mine.

Instead he took my hand, looked into my eyes and said, “Marry me. Let’s never be apart.”


Love Moonglow Jewelry

Love is in the summer air and what better way to commemorate your special Wedding Day than with Moonglow Jewelry?!


Wedding Day Moonglow Jewelry

If you have a Luna Love Story to share with us make sure to DM, email us, or add #MoonglowJewelry or #MoonglowStory to your photos you upload on social media!


Just check out this amazing photo we found on Pinterest above, we couldn't determine the Bride's name but the photo says more than words ever could! 

Show your special partner how much you love them to the moon and back by purchasing a piece of Moonglow Jewelry with your Wedding or Annaversary date's moon phase therein, it's a gift that captures that perfect moment and lets your lover wear and remember it each and every day!





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