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Just Landed - Meet The Latest Additions to Our Lunar Collection

It’s been a busy season here at Moonglow HQ! We’ve been working hard to add a few new gems to our collection, and we’re loving seeing you style them over on Instagram. If you’ve missed any of our new launches, here’s a quick recap.

1. Mini Moon Pendant in Brushed Gold

With a moon measuring just 10 mm, our Mini Moons are small but mighty, adding tons of style and personality to any look. We designed this pendant necklace in a delicate brushed gold that gives off a subtle and soft look perfect for summer, fall (or any season in between). The chain (in 26-30”) is adjustable, making it the perfect stacker to pair with your other favourite pieces!

2. Moonstock Peace Bangle

Before Coachella, there was Woodstock, where messages of peace and freedom rang through the nearly one million attendees. We were certainly feeling the nostalgia this summer when we designed this extra special piece. The Moonstock Peace Bangle commemorates the 50th anniversary of the original music festival, decorated with the moon phase of your choice and the classic peace sign symbol of the 60's. Peace and love Moonbabes!

3. First Step on the Moon Necklace

If we were to designate a company holiday, it would probably be the anniversary of the moon landing. We couldn’t let this significant occasion pass without designing a special piece to honor this incredible moment in history, especially on its 50th anniversary this year. The First Step on the Moon Necklace features a special commemorative tag, a pendant with the moon phase on that historical day, and an impression of the famous footprint left there by courageous astronauts. In the words of astronaut Neil Armstrong, that’s one small pendant for man, one giant leap for mankind. Okay we may have taken some creative liberty with the quote but you get the point.

4. Mini Simplicity in Stainless Steel

It’s minimal, it’s classic. Dress it up, go casual, layer it, or style it all on its own. You wanted more options that were dainty and delicate and we heard you loud and clear. Check out the Mini Simplicity in Stainless Steel available in 16-30’ length chains. The petite links are perfect to showcase the 10mm moon charm and the versatile length offers a million and one options for styling. Want to personalize it even more? Add an engraved tag with a special message or memory!

5. Loving Energy Beaded Bracelet

Rose gold is everything right now (read more on why we’ve been crushing on this hue here.). The Loving Energy Beaded Bracelet pairs rose gold accents with blushing beads of rose quartz to give off feelings of warmth, commitment and care. We created this piece as a Mother’s Day tribute but its energy of unconditional love make it a great gift to honour that special someone on any occasion.

See something you like? Check out our entire collection and show us your Moonglow Moments!

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