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IMAGINE how the Moon rules your personality: Moon Fan Stories

Talking about all things lunar that move us, change us and link us.


”We all shine the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...
and on and on and on.” - John Lennon



It is said the Sun rules individuality, while the Moon rules the personality -- our inner world of thoughts and emotions that guides our behavior. Beyond the superficial nature of our public image, the moon delves deeper into our hidden mysterious side, the private self we seldom share unless we are in the safe folds of family and trusted friends.

With this kind of power at play, it’s no wonder that luminescent ball in the night sky may affect the way our inner light shines from day to day. This month, enjoy its brilliant energy as a new moon brings the best aspects for fresh starts and the birth of creative ideas. Those wistful dreams and clever concepts could bear fruit at the full moon on December 25th -- ironically the same day many of us celebrate Christmas and the gift of a magical birth. So shine on moon lovers and believe that long-held fantasy can finally become a reality!




Truly Gifted

Align with your moon and sparkle brighter every day. Designed to WOW, artisan-crafted Moonglow jewelry links the moon to life’s most meaningful milestones and are truly unique to you or the lucky recipient of your truly personal gift.

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Wesley Watford - "My girlfriends got me one for Christmas and I can't wait to get it!

Recently Whittney Hilby shared this on Moonglow's visitor's page - “Do the constellations glow as well? I'm looking to buy a lot of these for Christmas and birthday. I have a moon phase and I LOVE it.”



Moonglow Arm Candy!


Out of this world @little.foxx





Anna Garcia Smith shared a page to Moonglow Jewelry's Timeline.
"Hi! I have liked your page. Can you also like my page?"


Moon gossip: What does your moon sign have to say about you? Your main squeeze? Your favorite celebrities? After your birth and ascending signs, your moon sign is the most influential in your chart. Discover your moon sign at, then see what famous folks share your moon sign at Shown here, Walk the Moon with Taylor Swift.



Add a little artistic flair to your holiday fashion with a Moon Manicure.  Shown here, Lunar Phases by artist/manicurist Alicia Torello.


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