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How to Meditate With The Moon

The moon harnesses spiritual energy and regenerative influence. Each lunar phase aligns with unique properties for the mind and body, and these phases directly influence some meditative practices. 

Meditating with the moon—or the lunar phases—embraces the unique energies of each phase to bring balance to the mind and body. But synchronizing meditation with the celestial influence of the moon requires an adherence to the lunar calendar and the symbolic scents and themes that uniquely embody each phase.

As the moon holds a symbolic significance in many cultures, the moon also directly impacts the natural surroundings all around us. Syncing a nighttime meditative practice with the changing lunar phases may help guide and direct our own energies and help us focus on our goals and desires.

For those inexperienced in the practice of meditation, beginning a nightly practice won’t be difficult. Everyone meditates differently, and there are different forms and styles of meditation--some, like Transcendental Meditation, require years of training. Some individuals simply hold a thought or phrase in their mind and sit in quiet solitude. Others learn and practice full-body meditation. For beginners, Psychology Todayoffers a bit of guidance.  David Gelles, writing for the New York Times, also provides a how-to guide to get you started with a daily practice. 

Meditation also may incorporate invigorating scents to help soothe the body and mind. Scents also are very important when using the lunar phases to guide your meditative practice. Each phase correlates to different scents and essential oils that help to further guide the direction of the meditative practice. The infographic provides all the information--including the essential oils you should use--to will help guide your lunar meditation and allow you to harness the energies of the moon and its celestial influence on the body, mind and soul.


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