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How Can a Moon Ring Mark a Special Occasion?

The ever changing forms of the moon as it passes through different phases are both beautiful and mysterious. Since the moon changes as time goes by this makes a moon ring a perfect special marker to commemorate one of life’s rare, truly special occasions. 

Birthstone jewelry, diamonds, and other precious stones can all be beautiful and carry some sentiment, but simply don’t bear the same strong connection to your special event as a moon ring.   What better way to mark that day than with an incredible piece of jewelry that shows the specific phase the moon was in as your special occasion took place? 

Finding and Connecting with your Soul Mate

Your first date with your future wife, husband, or partner; your first kiss; your engagement day and your wedding day are all once in a lifetime occurrences.  An engagement ring and wedding ring are customary markers given during the process of sharing eternal love, but there are equally beautiful and possibly even more appropriate pieces of jewelry to mark these momentous events. Maybe you want to remember the way the moon looked, as you leaned in for that kiss, with a special moon ring. 

Starting a Family

For many couples, the birth or adoption of a child is an absolute dream come true.  Some families struggle to have children of their own and go through extended periods of trial and failure before conception, and this can make the birth an even greater blessing. A birth or official adoption day is such a landmark event for parents and a moon ring can be a great way to celebrate the moment you went from “couple” to “family”. 

Other Major Life Events

Graduations from high school or college (your’s or a child’s), starting your first business, retiring or the birth of a grandchild are all times of incredible significance. The one thing they all have in common was that a unique moon was shining overhead, which is why a moon ring can be the perfect marker to identify the moment your life took a powerfully positive step forward. 

Phases of the Moon

So that you’ll know what the moon means on your special nights, here’s a quick overview of the moon’s phases: 

  • Full Moon - a full moon occurs when the earth, sun and moon are all in alignment and the sunlit side of the moon is facing us so we can see the moon in its entirety.

  • Quarter Moon - a quarter moon occurs when the moon is at a right angle to the earth and sun. In this instance you see half of the illuminated side of the moon while the other half remains in shadow.

  • Crescent and Gibbous Moon - crescent and gibbous moons are the “in between” phases where more than half or less than half of the moon is visible.  When the visible portions of the crescent or gibbous moons are decreasing in size, they are referred to as waning, when they are growing in size they are referred to as waxing.

  • New Moon - A new moon occurs when the moon, sun and earth are in alignment, but the illuminated side is away from the earth, leaving the shadowed side facing us and giving the appearance that there is no moon in the sky. 

As the moon moves over us, it is natural to want to celebrate the phases that have had a positive impact on our lives. With Moonglow, you can find out what phase the moon was in during your special moment and commemorate that event with a moon ring.


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