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How a Custom Necklace Can Reflect Your Personality

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful way to reflect your personality in a fun accessory or piece of jewelry, a custom necklace might be the ideal choice. Custom necklaces truly show who you are because the design is personalized to you. They can reveal elements of your inner truth that words could never describe. As a result, custom necklaces can mean so much more than standard issue jewelry, and here are some ways you can make a necklace your own!


A birthstone necklace is a great way to express who you are. The birthstone tradition matches the month in which you’re born with a specific precious or semiprecious stone, and these stones are said to represent the personalities of those who were born in the corresponding month.

For example, Amethyst is the February birthstone, and it’s strongly associated with highly spiritual individuals.

custom necklaces

If Amethyst is your birthstone, you may be a calming presence who projects peace. An amethyst birthstone necklace would symbolize the serenity and temperance present in your personality.

On other hand, if you’re a July baby, your birthstone is ruby. Those born under the ruby birthstone are often vibrant and lively people with a theatrical flair. They also exhibit tremendous self-confidence and aren’t afraid of confrontation. If ruby is your birthstone, a ruby necklace can help you show your fearless vivacity to the world.

From March’s aquamarine to October’s opal, birthstones are all examples of nature’s beauty expressed in gorgeous jewels. But while there are many precious stones that look gorgeous on a necklace, not every jewel means something beyond its visual appeal. Birthstones are perfect for custom necklaces because they combine a dazzling appearance with a deeper meaning.

Moon Phase

You can also customize your necklace with the moon phase associated with a date that has special significance in your life. Maybe it’s your birthday, maybe it’s the day you met someone special to you or maybe it’s the date of a hard won milestone in your life.

Once you’ve picked an important date, enter it in our moon phase calculator, and you will see the moon phase (e.g. waning crescent, waxing gibbous, full) associated with that date. A glow-in-the dark lunar charm representing this specific moon phase will be the centerpiece of your custom necklace.

custom necklaces


Moon jewelry embodies the mysteries of the moon but also represents the meaningful moment in time from the date you chose. Your moon phase custom necklace is more than just jewelry, it’s an object of memory and a representation of your feelings and connections with the rest of the world.


You could also seek a custom necklace with personalized inscriptions and engravings. Maybe you have a unique name, and you can have it inscribed on your necklace so others will know how to spell it and realize its unusual origin.

Or instead of using your name, you could select a simple message, such as  "breathe" if you want it to reflect values of mindfulness and meditation.

You could also customize your necklace with an engraving of personal information such as the birthdate of your parent or child.

The important thing is to make it personal. A custom necklace can be a keepsake paying tribute to an important part of your life.

Tips for Making a Custom Necklace

Regardless of how you choose to do it, keep in mind some general guidelines when customizing a necklace:

  • Consider color, material, and style. The advantage of a custom necklace is that you can be very particular about its design. Trust in your personal taste to guide your specifications. Do you want an engraving or a charm? What color would best reflect your emotional path? You can solicit advice from close friends and loved ones if you’re unsure how to proceed.

  • Think about how it will look with your other jewelry or accessories. If you already wear rings, bracelets, or other accessories, imagine how the custom necklace will look in relation to these other pieces. You may want to modify your design to fit with other accessories you are accustomed to wearing regularly.

  • Make it lasting. If you are going to include a custom message, be sure that it’s something that will still have relevance to you many years from now.

If you put thought into it, a custom necklace can reflect deep aspects of your personality. Try some of these methods of making your necklace or use your imagination; this piece is just for you!


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