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Holiday Shopping Guide: Personalized Gifts Edition

Stumped on what to get your loved ones for the holidays? You’ve gotten everything on their wish lists but want that last thoughtful touch to make the holiday really special.

Studies show that our brains show a marked reaction when we hear our own name. Even part of your name can be influential when heard or attached to another word, calling our attention and making us feel special. When our name is on our belongings, this is even better, because it gives us a sense of our possessions being truly ours. That’s why custom and personalized gifts can be special.

There are a lot of items you can purchase inexpensively and personalize in many different ways. From key fobs and small pieces of jewelry to clothing with pictures and collages on it, personalizing something for anyone is simple. A personalized gift is special and thoughtful because it is specifically for the person it is made for.

Personalized gifts also don’t have to break your wallet. If you have a large number of people, such as a big extended family or a classroom of students, some businesses provide discounts on bulk orders. For more even more personal gifts, such as to a spouse, parents, or child, there are also convenient ways to make the perfect personalized gift, both online and in person.

The following infographic provides all the ins and outs of buying personalized gifts. It provides a wide variety of suggestions for gifts for kids of all ages, even the adult ones! It is your personal shopper for the perfect personalized gift for all your holiday needs!


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