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Have you Tried Gardening by the Moon?



Now that spring has sprung, most of us will be heading out to the backyard and starting our spring gardening ritual.  There are many things that go into planting and caring for the perfect garden.  Soil temperature, air temperature, amount of sunlight, amount of water, are just a few.

If you are a serious gardener or even someone that likes to grow a couple tomato plants, no doubt you have read up on all the different guides to gardening. 

Have you ever heard of Lunar Gardening?

Using the moon as your guide can be a great way to plan for your various crops.  Here are some things to consider:

From the day the moon is new, April 7th, to the day it is full, April 22nd, you want to plant your flowers and vegetables that bear crops above ground. This is the “waxing” moon.

From the day after the moon is full, April 23rd, to the day before it is new again you want to plant flowers and vegetables that bear crops below ground.  This is the “waning” moon.

This “waning” moon period is also the best time for killing weeds, thinning, pruning, mowing, and cutting timber.

While this shouldn’t be the only information you take into consideration.  You should consider that farmers have been using these same tips for centuries.


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