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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Five Ways to Celebrate the Changing Seasons

Mother nature hasn’t quite let go of summer yet but we’re totally ready for cooler weather and cozy sweaters. Is it just us or do you feel like there’s more anticipation for fall than any other season? We can’t quite nail down why that is, but we’re super eager to dig into all the fun fall activities over the next couple months.

Fruit Picking

Honestly, one of our favorite autumn pastimes. As we get towards the end of September and into true fall, apples will be abundant here in the northern half of the east coast with pumpkins filling out just in time for spooky Halloween decorations! Fruit picking is fun to do with a group, with kids, or a sweet date idea with your significant other. We can’t stop daydreaming about the cool fresh air and all the yummy treats that will be ready for baking with all that fresh fruit! Since we’re still riding out the last bit of summer, you may even be able to get your hands on some bright, juicy raspberries depending on where you live. Doesn’t raspberry jam or apple pie sound amazing right now?

Apple Cider

Speaking of yummy treats, apple cider is a super simple one to make. Homemade always tastes a thousand times better and really, we can’t think of a better (or tastier) use for those apples from your picking adventure (besides maybe apple donuts, but we’ll call it a tie). We love it because you can drink it cold or warm, use it to make desserts (again, apple donuts), or add a dash of bourbon for a warming nightcap. After processing the apples, it’s mostly set-it-and-forget-it because your stove or slow cooker will do all the work for you! Ali at Gimme Some Oven gives us both options in her super simple apple cider recipe here. BONUS: your home will smell like the epitome of fall while you have this going on your stove. We’re drooling. (Oh, BTW here’s a recipe for that apple doughnut we were talking about). 


The moon is rising earlier and the air is crisp! Grab yourself a cozy sweater, gather around a fire and roast some marshmallows with your best friends. The Harvest Moon came early this year (Friday, September 13!) and that means the new moon is approaching — September 28 — giving us perfect conditions to watch the night sky. (Have you seen our newest launch, the Mini Moon Pendant in Brushed Gold? We can’t get enough, especially when its paired with the bright blue finish of the new moon.) is a great resource to find out which constellations are visible throughout the months of the year. Keep an eye out for constellations Sagitta and Aquarius from September going into October.

Potluck Party

The theme this fall (honesty, every fall) is cozy! Fall gives us a chance to prep and share warming food and drinks with our friends and loved ones. Potlucks are great not only because everyone shares in the work, but it’s an easy way to bring people together without too much fuss. And of course lots of tasty dishes. But if you don’t mind a bit of work and hosting, try setting a cozy theme and decorating for your guests. These Halloween tablescapes curated by ELLE Decor are to die for. But there’s also no need to go overboard, a few decorative touches here and there is sure to add a ton of style to the party.

Take a Hike

There’s no better time to take a long hike than just as the seasons are coming off the extreme heat of summer, or winter. Yes, spring hikes are amazing, but there’s something extra refreshing about the slight chill of fall air. It’s also the time of year when nature explodes into an abundance of colors, making for breathtaking scenery. Plus, it won’t hurt to get in a little extra exercise with all those apple doughnuts we see in our future.

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