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Gifts For Grandma: Custom Birthstone Necklaces

Mother’s Day celebrates and honors mothers every May, but on this special day sometimes another special woman is left out: grandma. Sure grandparents have their own holiday--grandparent’s day is celebrated on September 9 this year--but Mother’s Day is the day for mothers… and grandmothers are the grandest of mothers!

This May, celebrate grandma on Mother’s Day, too. And honor her with a symbolic necklace that showcases her special place in the universe...and in the family. Custom moon phase pendants featuring her birthstone or a grandchild’s birthstone are a beautiful and meaningful gift to honor her this Mother’s Day.

Her personality and style is unique and perfect. And we’re sure that there is a moonphase birthstone necklace that best compliments the grandness of your grandmother.

The Classic Birthstone Necklace

Accented with a Swarovski crystal birthstone, the Classic Birthstone necklace is designed with a sweeping antique frame for a custom moonphase charm. You can design this necklace with grandmother’s birthstone and a moonphase representing a grandchild. Or make the necklace all about her and use the moonphase that correlates to the birthday. This necklace may be selected in either silver or pewter.

Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace

If her style is more refined, choose an elegant design that can be dressed up or down. The Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace includes two chains; one suspends a birthstone pendant, and the other holds a custom moonphase. The chains are joined to create one necklace, but the style remains refined and classic.

A Drop of Color

Does she gravitate to more modern or whimsical looks? The Birthstone Satellite includes a classic customized moon phase pendant with a birthstone that drops delicately from her glowing moonphase. The style can be worn with more formal looks or casually with jeans or trousers. Like all moonphase pendants, choose a meaningful moonphase that correlates to her birthday, a special memory or even a grandchild’s birth.

Glowing Halo

Her birthstone necklace doesn’t have to be a subtle accent of color. Surround a custom moonphase with a birthstone halo for a bolder and more colorful style. This design can be worn with anything...and the sparkling halo of gems creates a picturesque frame around the glowing pendant. The Apollo Birthstone necklace hangs from a segmented chain, but she can swap in any style chain she likes to change up the look.

Zodiac Style

One necklace can include every grandchild’s symbolic sign for an amazing and unique gift for grandma. The Birthstone Zodiac Necklace showcases every zodiac sign in a design that surrounds a custom moonphase pendant. A sparkling birthstone accents the pendant for symbolic drop of color that symbolizes her. Choose a moonphase that holds special meaning for the entire family.

Celebrate grandmothers this Mother’s Day to honor their unique and grand role in the family. While all grandparents can be celebrated on Grandparent’s Day, grandmothers should never be forgotten on Mother’s Day. Choose a gift with unique symbolism and that encompasses her many roles within the family--wife, mother and grandmother. Use moonphase pendants and her birthstone to create an amazing gift that she will cherish for years!


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