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Getting in touch with Nature: Stars, Wolf, and Moon Jewelry Trends

With 2018 just around the corner, fashionistas everywhere are preparing for the next wave of fabulous and trendy jewelry to fill their wardrobe with in the coming New Year. The Star, wolf, and moon jewelry from last year was absolutely stunning, but 2018 is going to be even more spectacular than anything you’ve seen before!

How Wolf and Moon Jewelry are inspired by Nature

Stars, the moon, and wolves are all connected. While at first glance, wolves aren’t entirely on the same page as stars and the moon, but whether by folklore, or just the behavior of wolves, they are very much connected.

Wolves are on every continent save for Antarctica and South America, so they are woven into most human cultures. And because wolves are nocturnal, there’s a great deal of association with the moon. They howl at the moonlight, and werewolves transform under the light of the full moon. Wolves are a permanent part of human culture, and of nature, and in wolf and moon jewelry they find a magical home together.

How to incorporate nature into the other parts of your look

When you’re incorporating a more naturalistic look into your own style, the first thing that’s going to cross your mind is “no makeup!” and “Earth tones forever!” Which are both good options, but if you like your bright colors and pastels, and your make-up routine, it’s not the end of your nature style.

It starts as simple as organic patterns, wearing cottons and more natural fibers, the more flow the more natural it’s going to seem. A good naturalistic aesthetic for your outfits isn’t just about wolf and moon motifs, or leaves and flowers. It’s about an organic style: symmetry without perfection, patterns with variations, color, and signs of life everywhere. 


Want to learn more about how to use wolf and moon jewelry, as well as blending your alternative style into a workplace setting? Check out our post about it here!

Wolf and moon jewelry

Wolf and moon jewelry: chunky trends

Chunky jewelry started out as a fad, just another trend in a long line of revolving door fashions. But it ended up bridging some gaps between style choices, and taken root. Chunky jewelry is a style all its own now. And surprisingly, wolf and moon jewelry fits in really well…all things considered.

There aren’t a lot of “natural” aspects or inspiration behind most chunky jewelry, so how does one reconcile the two seemingly disjointed trends?

It’s simple:

Earth tones! And mix it up with crystals and birthstones. Large pendants that feature the moon, or wolves, would bring these two designs together splendidly. A big bib necklace of stars and a waxing moon detail would be the most stellar, which isn’t necessarily off from the “nature” theme is it?


Your style more out of this world than earthy? Wolf and moon jewelry can still work for your celestial style! 


Bold, more than a clunky style

Chunky doesn’t always mean clunky, sometimes it can also refer to the newer trend in jewelry that’s more like a sweeping line of a paintbrush, rather than a chunk of stones and pendants. They’re much more abstract in appearance, but sometimes that abstraction brings it back the other chunky stones won’t do.

Delicate trends for wolf and moon jewelry

Delicate describes pretty much every and anything outside of the “chunky” variety. And more wolf and moon jewelry falls into this category than chunky and bold, mostly because delicacy blends more into the naturalistic appeal of the wolf and moon jewelry.

So what is delicate then?

Wolf and moon jewelry

Delicate means just that, delicate. This is an all-encompassing term that refers to any and every piece of wolf and moon jewelry, and not just the small ones! Delicate can be dangly or stationary, large or small, simple and plain, or ornate with careful filigree and details that sparkle and shine.

The delicate style wolf and moon jewelry is a much wider category, and the trends with it are both cycling around back towards classics, and striding forwards towards more edgy yet stunning designs. New trends for earrings lean for bars, ornately decorated with tiny gemstones and often with a delicate motif on one end or the other.

Wolf and moon jewelry aren’t trends, they’ve been here and will be

Wolves have been a part of human culture for so long that there are millions of stories about them. They are so tied up in it that they’ve never not been present in our art, jewelry, and other bits and pieces of culture. Read more about wolves and the full moon here!

Same with the moon! It’s been our constant companion since humanity was born. It has illuminated our nights and protected us against total darkness and predators while we mastered the Earth. Celebrating them with wolf and moon jewelry is an incredibly unique and fashion forward style statement. Don’t just follow trends! Set them! 


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