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Why the Full Moon is the Best Time for Making Decisions

On the one hand, there are few things that provide the feelings of empowerment and determination more than decision making does; but on the other, having to make a final call can sometimes feels overwhelming for many of us! It raises doubts and can even stop you dead in your tracks, halting progress and causing a feeling of being stuck.

For some, aligning goals and decision-making with the phases of the moon can not only help to keep things on track but can make the process all the more meaningful. Holistics, mystics, and the spiritual sometimes assign spiritual meaning to the phases of the moon, which for some, provides a framework to create or reinvent a process that will get them to their ultimate goals.

The New Moon and the Waxing Gibbous

The new moon’s presence signifies a fresh start and renewed intentions, and continues on as the waxing moon approaches another full moon. Mystic wisdom says that this time may be the best time to tighten those boot straps and close out some of the lingering issues of the past weeks.

Through the waxing phase, the moon glows bigger and brighter. It can illuminate and clarify the issues surrounding that big decision and so this is a good time to reflect and adjust the things within your control that will get you closer to your desired result.

Let the full moon push you out of

the paralysis of decision making.

The Full Moon

The maximum illumination of the full moon is said to be clarifying and nourishing, and a “time of peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs.

This moment of transparency combined with freshly squeezed creative juices makes it a great time to clear the important decisions holding you back. Sweep away the negative energy and make room for the wave of new ideas coming with the next new moon.

If setting intentions, aligning goals, and making decisions with the phases of the moon sounds like too much of the mystical world for you, consider thinking about it as an exercise in planning. Just like having a monthly calendar, it can become a useful system to achieve what you want from the year, 29 days at a time.

The full moon can be a bright and consistent reminder to reevaluate any situation at hand and make the hard calls holding you back, no matter what you believe about harnessing lunar energy.

So what are you waiting for? What goals are you looking to focus on through the next lunar cycle?


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