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Friday the 13th – Not Just for Jason Anymore

For far too long Friday the 13th has been held captive by the horror movie buffs and uber-superstitious individuals. Between the Jason-fearing fanatics and the paraskevidekatriaphobia folks, this fabulous Friday has never truly been allowed to stand out on its own. People need to move away from the TV and the tinfoil hats and celebrate this 1-to-3 times a year holiday in style.

Lift a Glass to Luck

Start the weekend with the deliciously good fortune of a Lucky Thirteen cocktail.  Indulge in a little tequila, pomegranate juice with orange liqueur and fears of curses and misadventures will disappear like spirits in the wind. Keep it family style and replace the tequila and liqueur with pineapple and orange juice for a tasty and equally auspicious treat.

Fly the Friday-Friendly Skies

Friday the 13th is a fantastic time to catch the next plane to anywhere. Airlines are notoriously less busy on Friday the 13th as the superstitious crowd prefers not to fly on these dates, and the horror movie crowd are at home streaming slasher flicks. Flying on this date means saving money, shorter line-ups and stretching out in coach. A pretty lucky deal overall.

Start Something Beautiful

This Friday the 13th is the perfect time to open a business, buy a home, or finally propose to that someone special. That is because it falls on a new moon, which folklore reveals as the perfect time to try a new and exciting venture.  For something truly enchanting and innovative, give your sweetheart a Friday the 13th gift from Moonglow. Your thoughtfulness will always give special meaning to this date.

Ride Away your Friday Fears

Every Friday the 13th, bikers from all over North America descend on the small beach town of Port Dover in Ontario, Canada. Over one hundred thousand motorcycle enthusiasts make this town their own with great music, great people and great bikes. Whether you drive a Harley or a Honda you are welcome to join this bucket-list festival. Known as PD13 to the experienced, bikers come for the ride and stay for the comradery.

Write your own Obituary

Sure, it seems a bit creepy, but writing your own obit is an amazing way to gain insight into how your life is going.  When you list your own accomplishments, can you be proud or are there some gaping holes? Have you made meaningful relationships? Have you done enough service or helped enough people? If you died tomorrow, would you have no regrets? Evaluating your life by imagining your death can help you get your goals back on track. Why not make every Friday the 13th a day of personal reflection?

There is a slogan that tells us to live our life without fear. It’s good advice for the most part but a bit of fear is absolutely essential. However, let that fear be of the unknown, or the untested and not of a random day of the year. Don’t be paraskevidekatriaphobic, embrace the fun and fabulousness of Friday the 13th and retell all your amazing stories on Saturday.


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