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'FALL' in Love with Our 2 New Pieces...

Shop the Byron in Brown and the Lunar Essence; our 2 newest pieces released just in time for Fall!


Byron in Brown (for the special man in your life)

  • The Byron in Brown is very similar (almost identicle actually) to our popular Byron in Black Bracelet, except now, the soft brown leather color gives you a warmer more natural look.


The Byron bracelet in Brown is one of the most romantic Moonglow creations. It consists of a pewter moon phase pendantmounted within an adjustable leather band. It is masculine, rugged and symbolizes the poetic nature of every man. It is named after Lord Byron - one of the greatest British poets in the romantic movement and author of Don Juan, whose work is widely read and influential, even amongst astronomers. He attached a great importance to astronomical studies and believed that the study of the universe would improve humanity in a powerful way. 

The Moonglow pendant absorbs the light during the day and glows in dark environments. Y
ou can also easily remove your moon phase Moondrop and replace it with another Moondrop from our fabulous new collection!

This bracelet is made out of Brown leather and is adjustable.

Lunar Essence necklace (for men or women)

  • The Lunar Essence Necklace is a 10mm pewter pendant and a new cute 'Moonglow Jewelry' tag hangs on a 26-inch stainless steel curb chain (adjustable to 28 inches).

Beautiful addition to our line. Men and women love it!


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