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Express Your True Self With Unique Birthstone Jewelry By Moonglow

People wear jewelry to express themselves, and there’s no better way to make a statement about who you are than by wearing a birthstone necklace. Supposedly, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based solely on their birthstone, so wearing a birthstone necklace can speak volumes about who you are. Here’s the meaning behind each month’s birthstone: 

January Birthstone Necklace: Garnet

People that have a garnet birthstone necklace tend to be protective and supportive of their loved ones. In fact, they may even earn the reputation of being the parent within their close circle of friends. 

birthstone necklace

February: Amethyst

You may think that people with this birthstone are flaky, but in reality, people who are born in February tend to be gentle souls with a calm and tranquil presence. They don’t let much ruffle their feathers or disrupt their peace.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is often associated with the ocean because of its name, and as a result, people with this birthstone are thought of as pure like water. If you have a March birthday, you probably live an honest lifestyle and bring out the best in others.

April: Diamond

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in nature, so it’s no surprise that people who are born in April are known to be tough and resistant. People with diamond birthstones typically bounce back quickly after going through a rough patch in their lives.

May: Emerald

It has been suggested that people who have emerald as their birthstones are witty, intelligent, and intuitive. People who are born in May also inspire others with their peaceful personalities and willingness to love unconditionally.

birthstone necklace

June: Pearl

Historically, pearls have been thought of as magical gemstones that represent innocence and purity. Therefore, those who are born in June are often thought of as spiritual and otherworldly. They may also come off as naïve due to their innocence, but don’t be fooled, because those who are born in June tend to be very intelligent.

July: Ruby

Rubies are bold, and so are people who are born in July. If the ruby is your birthstone, you are most likely dramatic, full of life, and bursting with self-confidence. You never back down from a challenge and approach life with a fearless attitude.

August: Peridot

Some people believe that a peridot birthstone necklace has the power tokeep evil spirits at bay, which may explain why people who are born in August are known as positive, energetic, and enchanting.

September: Sapphire

If you are born in September, you are probably just as deep, calm, and cool as the blue color of your birthstone necklace. The quiet confidence of people who are born in September makes them perfect for leadership positions.

October: Opal

Many people believe that wearing an opal birthstone necklace instantly makes you feel more creative and full of joy. This could be why people who have opal as a birthstone are seen as compassionate, optimistic, and wise.

November: Citrine

Citrine radiate positive energy, and so do people that have citrine as their birthstone. If you were born in November, you may sometimes feel as though good luck follows you wherever you go in life. But, it doesn’t have to do with luck. People who are born in November tend to be incredibly optimistic, so they always look at the silver lining.

December: Turquoise

People who are born in December can be described as “old souls” that are knowledgeable beyond their years. These people tend to be incredibly protective, strong, and supportive of those around them. 

Does your birthstone accurately represent who you are? If so, there’s no better way to show your connection to your birthstone than by wearing it around your neck in a birthstone necklace. Visit the Moonglow website to choose your birthstone, moon phase, and chain length today to create a beautiful, customized necklace that will speak volumes about who you are as a person.


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