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”The river must be calm in order to reflect the full moon.”
                                                           - Thich Nhat Hanh

When Santa takes flight around the globe early Christmas morning, not just his fabled red-nosed reindeer will light his way. A full moon will be at its peak casting its soulful glow in the night sky. This will be the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977, and we won’t see another until 2034. And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’ll enjoy the divine vibrations this big tender full moon beams down on all of us, lighting our way and reflecting the love we share as spiritual beings living our human experience on earth. No doubt Santa will be carrying some Moonglow treasures on his sleigh, so look for yours, it’s on its way!

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"Outfit of the day made complete with a Moonglow Necklace!" - @murkyaberration

On FB, Brenda Perkins shared this about her Blue Moon Necklace - "I picked mine up in Portsmouth NH
 at Pickwicks. I love mine!"

Beanie weather❄❄❄with her Moonglow necklace! @ silver_celtic_trinity

Fan Friday going out to this beautiful stunner, Jag Lever (I Live)#MoonglowJewelry#Blogger


Moonglow's Cross of Zeitgeist


According to, most scientists agree the moon was formed when a giant impact sent a molten mass of the Earth, about the size of Mars, into orbit. Since the Earth and the moon are so similar in composition, researchers believe that the impact occurred about 95 million years after the formation of the solar system -- or about 4.6 billion years ago -- give or take 32 million years!

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anseladamsmoonandhalfdomeyosemitenationalpark1960_iG8884KKXJ000Z.jpgMoon Over Half Dome by Ansel Adams at



Red and Green Celtic Moon    

Christmas Moon Ornaments at




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Align with your moon and sparkle brighter every day. Designed to WOW, artisan-crafted Moonglow jewelry links the moon to life’s most meaningful milestones and are truly unique to you or the lucky recipient of your truly personal gift.

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