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Customized Gifts for your Wedding Party BFFs

On your wedding day, you make big promises to love and to cherish, to have and to hold. However, your bridesmaids and groomsmen may want you to add one more tiny promise to your vows - to bestow them with meaningful and imaginative attendants’ gifts. Being in a wedding party is not an easy task, there are parties to go to, gown and tuxedo fittings, and even more parties to go to. Your best buddies are expected to usher Aunt Edna, dance with Uncle Joe, make clever toasts, and smile smile smile. For all this, they deserve a gift a tad more creative than the usual tie clip or personalized wine glass. Give your BFFs a wedding memory they will love, something that is unique, useful or just plain lux.

Precious Metals for a Precious Moment

Silver and gold are always in style. It is hard to go wrong with a gift sporting the sleek gleam of silver or the lux shine of gold. For the women, you might consider a beautiful gold or silver bangle bracelet with a symbol of your wedding date. It is a nice choice because your bridesmaids can wear it forever and will remember your thoughtfulness each time they see the special engraving. For men, take a cyber visit to the US Mint and choose a gold or silver coin from the year of your wedding. A beautiful coin is a time-honored keepsake and a classic way to memorialize your special day.

Message of Love Bangle Bracelet - Custom Moon Phase | Moonglow

The Sky’s the Limit

Bring a bit of heavenly charm into your wedding gifts with these other-worldly ideas. For the girls, consider Moonglow Jewelry's "Message of Love" bangle bracelet. This gorgeous bangle comes with a heart-shaped tag engraved with "I love you to the moon and back". It can be custom designed to depict the exact phase of the moon on your wedding day. You can have your bridesmaids wear this beautiful moon jewelry for the ceremony and they get a chic and stylish accessory to add to their jewelry collections. Your groomsmen also deserve to be recognized in stellar style, so match their wrist candy to the Bridesmaids and customize the rugged Byron Leather Cuff for them. If they're not into it, name a star after them. Star registry websites allow you to buy the right to name a star and you can put the date of your wedding right on the certificate. Talk about an out-of-this-world gift!

Electronically Yours

You know your friends love their phones, so why not give them a new toy. The new portable photo printers let them take all those pics off their phone and bring them into the real world. Though not overly sentimental, this gift means tons of random and fun photos of your big day and non-digital memories you’ll all treasure. A great add-on accessory to this gift is personalized phone cases custom designed with your wedding logo. Imagine how much prettier the phones will look on the head table swathed in your choice of color. Your attendants will be so thrilled with the printer, they won’t even mind changing up their cases for your big day.

These unusual choices step out of the wedding day gift comfort zone and really reach the outer limits of imagination, ensuring that your day will not only be memorable for you, but for your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. Take the time for creativity and their smiles of delight will add extra sparkle to your nuptials.


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