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Custom Moon Pendants: 5 Unique Styles For Her

Moon pendants are a unique and beautiful way to showcase your style and your individuality. Your moon phase can commemorate your birthday, an anniversary, a child’s birth, marriage or any special moment in your life that you wish to honor. The symbolic glow is yours to cherish. While a custom moon pendant differs in meaning for each individual, how you choose to wear that symbol depends on you—your style, your idiosyncrasies and your soul.

Our custom moon pendants can be displayed in a variety of settings. From whimsical to formal, each necklace style is interpreted by the wearer. Of course, every individual also can alter a necklace setting to suit her own style. While one necklace may be more formal in design, the individual can take that look and reinvent it with different fashions.

Choosing just one necklace might be difficult…especially once you start looking at all the styles and unique options. If you’re trying to narrow down your choices to fit your moon mood, check out a few of our favorite unique styles and designs…

Feeling wise?

Owls symbolize wisdom and are associated with the night. Owls are mysterious, mystical and magical. And when paired with a moon pendant, the wise owl shines bright. Our owl pendant has a 70s throwback vibe—when owl pendants were all the rage. The Owl at the Moon pendant is the perfect boho accessory to pair with a floral dress, a casual cool sweater or even a caftan.

Owl at the Moon Necklace

Add a little fairy dust.

Fairies are storybook enchantment, magic and wonder. They were part of our daydreams when we were little girls, and they still bring back images of fluttering wings, glittery powerful fairy dust and unimaginable adventures. Give your inner child a nudge with the Fairy on the Moon necklace. Just choose your perfect moon phase for her to watch over!

Fairy on the Moon Necklace

Elegant Eccentricity

If you’re a bit eccentric, celebrate your quirky perfections! Eccentricity is the ultimate in unique…unpredictable, sure…but amazing all the same! With the Eccentricity Necklace in silver, your moon phase charm hangs from a not quite circular ring. In astronomy, “eccentricity” refers to how an orbit deviates from standard circular form. This is the perfect necklace to showcase that you don’t fit the mold…nor do you want to fit the mold!

Eccentricity Necklace in Silver

Together in Space

Celebrate your true love or soul mate with a unique locket pendant. Our Lovers in the Locket pendant features a transparent locket case to showcase what lies inside: two symbolic moon phases. The locket reveals a lunar mystery to onlookers, but to you the symbol is clear. You know who those two moons represent…or what they represent. But the picture to the outside world remains two mysterious glowing lunar symbols. This necklace can be worn casually during the day or paired with dressier looks by night.

Lovers in the Locket in Gold

Embracing You

Simplicity is elegant and classic. Choose a necklace with a tiny birthstone pendant to symbolize you. Paired with a customized moon phase charm, you can create two symbolic sentiments with one necklace. Choose your birthstone and a loved one’s moon phase…or make the necklace all about you! Layered pendants elevate the style, which is why we love our Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace. This design looks amazing paired with an elegant dress or with jeans and t-shirt.

Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace

While there are many unique choices for a customized moon phase necklace, we know you’ll find the perfect design that speaks to your individuality and your style. One necklace will pull you in, but your selected symbolic moon phases—and the memories those pendants represent—will eclipse all other details. You’ll soon discover that those glowing moon phase pendants will be the symbolic piece of jewelry that you gravitate to again and again. Such is the pull of the moon.


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