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Custom Moon Charms That Moms (And Their Kids!) Will Love

Whether you’re purchasing a piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, we know you want to find something unique, stylish, and meaningful. But when you run through your list of gift ideas for mom, you probably find all too quickly that you’ve come up short. New sweater? Bought that last year! Chic handbag? She already has a million. Kitchen supplies? Not exactly what she wants to receive as a special gift!

Wracking your brain for the perfect gift idea for mom can definitely be frustrating, and for the woman who truly does it all, you know you need something great. Instead of gifting your mom something generic, repetitive, or just plain lame, why not opt for something customized, sentimental, stylish, and meaningful?

Custom moon charms are a guaranteed way to make any mom smile, and they’re also great for kids of any age. Learn why custom moon charms are the perfect pick for moms (and kids too)!

Matching Custom Moon Charms

Custom moon phase charms are a unique and stylish way to encompass the preferences of everyone in the family, from a more conservative mom to an edgy teenager. These charms will grab the attention of everyone, no matter their age or demographic, meaning that everyone in the family will love sporting their meaningful and trendy charms around town.

Maybe your teenager will love sporting moon phase stud earrings while mom wears a simple ring. With so many different styles of jewelry to choose from, not only is there something for everyone, but it’s one of the most effective and fun ways to all agree on something special.

You can take the matching a step further by choosing identical moon phases for your mother-child jewels. Choose a special date that has meaning to all of you, highlighting the spiritual being of the moon in that moment in time. No matter what style jewel each of you choose, you’ll look at your accessory with fond remembrance of that special day you shared.

Brilliance Stud Earrings from Moonglow

Special Meaning For Any Occasion

Custom moon charms are more than just a pretty piece of jewelry, they’re also accessories that harness a special meaning for those that wear them. You can customize these pieces to match the moonphase that stands for a moment in time that has a special place in your heart. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation date, or anything in between, moms and kids can highlight something meaningful that they’ve shared with these pieces.

One of the best points of this gift idea is that it’s an intimate way to conjure a memory that inspires a smile: a family vacation, a treasured date, or an idea that you want to keep alive as a family for years to come. Whether you highlight multiple special dates on a custom charm bracelet or call one out specifically on a necklace, this is a gift that is sure to make an impact because of how thoughtful and special it is.

Classic Necklace with Black Swarovski Crystal in Pewter

To create this stellar gift for mom, simply use this moon phase calculator to find the phase that took place on a meaningful date and then design your charms. You may choose to do this with your mom, and just the process of selecting a special memory and designing these jewels is a fun experience for to be enjoyed together!

Unite Loved Ones

Wearing a custom charm to match an important date or memory is a powerful way to unite moms with their loved ones, even if they’re not physically together.

Think of a mother and child being separated--perhaps for the first time ever. This could come in the form of a child going to camp, going abroad, or going away to college. A separation of this magnitude can prompt a difficult transition, but each party having a matching moon phase charm that represents something special is a great way to close that gap in a small yet meaningful way.

On the other hand, even if a child and parent aren’t to be separated, having matching moon phase charms is still a nice sentiment. Throughout every day, those individuals will be reminded again and again that they’re part of something bigger than themselves, that someone always has their back, and, most importantly, that they are loved.

No matter what a mom’s signature style may be, these custom moon charms offer a sense of flair that can’t be beat. Get your mom the unique and meaningful gift she deserves, and she’ll love knowing how much time you put into choosing her special present.  A mother’s love, like the moon, is a powerful force of nature, and encompassing these two sentiments in one stylish accessories is a recipe for the perfect piece for any mom to treasure for years to come.


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