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In a Creative Rut? Harness the Imaginative Energy of the Waning Crescent This Lunar Cycle

When a tiny sliver of the moon remains during the Waning Crescent, we’re reminded that before a New Moon appears we must slowly watch its illumination diminish away. This can sometimes be what it feels like when all your creative juices are dwindling and you find yourself in a creative rut. You’ve squeezed out all that you can and now you’re left with a lot of frustration and annoyance.

The waning crescent has a lesson here for all of us, it’s time to surrender to your rut. It might sound strange, but creativity is not an endless immaterial thing that continues to flow. Just like the phases of the moon, it waxes and wanes, comes in hot and then cools off just as quickly. We often try and force ourselves to continue but it’s like trying to force the moon to always shine bright; it can’t. 

Harnessing imaginative energy and the ability to create, includes respecting its natural cycle. If you’re finding yourself in a creative rut, try some of these exercises under the shrinking light of a Waning Crescent moon to reset your creativity.

Off! Off! Off!

Initiate that computer update you’ve been avoiding, power-down your laptop and turn your phone off for a little bit. Limit those screens that are constantly calling to you.

Get Some Space

We mean literally, get some space around you. Take a walk, go for a swim, bust out those leggings and go for a run. Wherever you’re currently doing some work, say Au Revoir for a period of time.

Revamp, Reshape & Restore

Your workspace is your constant companion, and your environment has a massive impact on how you’re feeling. We suggest giving your space a little love, or even a slight change up. A good clean is a great place to start providing some freshness, and you may even want to follow it up with a little rearranging. Now, there may be some hesitation, because you have everything exactly where you like it, but this change up may just help you navigate back to your full moon of creativity.


It may feel like an undeserved treat, but we see it more as positive reinforcement. Cut yourself a break and treat yourself. Indulge; in your favourite food, in those over-priced lattes that are complicated yet so delicious, in your favourite inspirations, in a self-care bubble bath. Think of those things that make you feel wonderful and give yourself a little time to enjoy them. 


Make those spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are instinctive expressions of lively amusement, and get your diaphragm contracting. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just laugh! Watch just about any animal doing something ridiculous, a toddler trying to speak, or your favourite comedian crack some jokes. Netflix seems to have given everyone a comedy special in the last few years, so there’s certainly lots of material easily accessible to lessen your load and help you destress and relax.

Remember that a rut is a long deep track made by repeated passage but if you give yourself a little break and actively pursue your creativity, it will come back. You have it with you always, sometimes it just sneaks away for a little bit. What do you do when you’re stuck in a creative rut? Leave us a comment below with your top tips!


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