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Catching Up With @Luna.Lindsay

This week we caught up with boho style queen and plant mom, Luna Lindsay to chat about all things creativity, interior design and capturing joy in day-to-day living. 

From where she finds her inspiration to her favorite Moonglow pieces and how to find the best vintage treasures, keep scrolling to read everything she had to say. 

Okay, so for anyone that isn’t already familiar with you, tell us a little about yourself. When did you get started as a creator? What do you like to do when you’re not busy creating?

Hi I’m Luna, first name Luna, last name Lindsay (people confuse this often hehe). I’m a bohemian style child plant mom living in Toronto, Ontario. I love wearing as many rings as my fingers can hold & adore thrifting, it’s always such a rush when you score a dreamy item. I started creating in 2015 & it was actually a picture of my hands stacked with rings that sparked my creative journey. When I’m not creating I’m taking care of my 100+ plants (which is a full time job in itself) & continuously working on my cozy bohemian apartment! 

At Moonglow, we get a lot of inspiration from the stories our customers share with us when they’re choosing the dates to capture in their jewelry. Tell us a little about where you find your creative inspiration? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from my surroundings. I love being surrounded by things that spark joy & bring me happiness. It can be anything from a dreamy color scheme, flower fields, illustrations that hang in my apartment, other creators I follow on IG,  big beautiful plants & Pinterest is definitely a big one! I could scroll through Pinterest for hours & you can without a doubt find endless inspiration. I also love exploring around the city & keeping my eyes peeled for fun new places to shoot; I actually have a note created in my phone specifically for places I stumble across & want to come back to create. 

One of our favourite parts about your content is all of the plants and care tips you share. You’ve got quite the collection already but is there one plant you’d really like to add to your home garden?

Ahh thank you so much! I’ve got my eyes peeled for a variegated Monstera, they’re hard to come by & definitely on the pricier side. The plant has white or sometimes yellow splashes on the leaves, they are so beautiful! 

Before we ask this next question we just have to say, your apartment is so beautifully styled. Any advice for people looking to find a little more joy in their space? 

Thank you so much! It took me sometime to truly come into my own personal style when it comes to decorating my space, but now it’s one of my favorite places to be. You spend a decent amount of time at home, so why not make sure you surround yourself with things that spark joy & bring happiness. Plants add so much to the space & breathe life into the home. If you’re just starting off honestly again, Pinterest is your best friend. If you’re looking for the type of space you’d like to design you can reference different styles & create mood boards based on what you like. It’s not for everyone, but trust me when I say a pink couch is life changing.  


You do quite a bit of vintage and second-hand shopping. Any tips for people looking to start shopping more sustainably that haven’t thrifted much before? 

Patience is key, go on a day where you feel like you could take your time going through pieces! If I’m thrifting at Value Village, I’ll more than likely be in there for 2 hours dissecting everything shelf by shelf. It’s good to have an idea ahead of time of what specific items you’re on the hunt for. I’ve scored so many amazing items from thrifting, a velvet pink love seat for $10, so many different planters, vintage lamps, unique planters, 2 velvet pink kitchen chairs with gold hardware for $16, it’s so much fun! If taking the time to go through things isn’t for you, there’s so many curated vintage shops that now exist on Instagram where they can do the treasure hunting for you! Here are a few of my favourites: @theapartmentlife, @bohopalace_guelph, @holyrollervintage, @makemovesvintage, @luvewantshop,, @homegrownvintage_nb, @miller_island, @shopreubenmark.

Now, we couldn’t finish this interview without asking about your Moonglow. Is there a special story behind one of your pieces that you feel particularly connected to?

Yes, the dates in my Mini Ituri Necklace. The first date is April 17th, 2015 which was the day I posted the photo that sparked my creative journey. The second date is April 15th, 2017 (interesting how the numbers are flipped), the day I posted my first paid campaign! I love this necklace because it shows that good things take time. Success doesn’t come overnight, but I truly believe if you love & are passionate about something you can achieve the things you want in life. I also love the fact that the moon on April 17th, 2015 was a New Moon signifying to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires which is exactly what happened that day. 

We always like to end our meetings at Moonglow HQ with a quote, and it seems fitting to end our chat with one too. Do you have a favourite?

I’m a huge believer that the universe gives back what you put out, so this one really resides with me: Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. What you give out will return to you. 

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