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Born Under the Waxing Crescent Moon Phase? Here’s Your Lunar Personality

Do you know your lunar personality? No idea what a lunar personality even is? Not to fear because we’re about to break it down for you Moonbabes.

Essentially, your lunar personality is based on the Moon phase the night you came into this world. The Moon is always with us and even if you were born during the day, rest assured the ever present Moon was there when it happened. Never checked your birthday lunar phase? What are you waiting for! Find it here. Just add the date you were born and voilà.

We started off this mini-series with those born under the Waning Gibbous moon phase. If you’re not quite sure you remember the order of the Moon Phases or which one is Waxing and which one is Waning, here’s a quick chart to show you all you need to know.

 So, here’s the deal. The Waxing Crescent is the first phase after the New Moon (when we actually can’t see any of the Moon and it’s all in shadow), where we see a sliver or crescent of illumination on the right side and the left is mostly in shadow.

The Waxing Crescent Lunar Personality

Being born under the Waxing Crescent moon phase means that you are the embodiment of strength and perseverance. Meaning the loved ones in your life definitely lean on you! Out of the darkness comes the Waxing Crescent, and through difficult times you are like a light that never yields but continues to shine. You are ambitious and extremely productive. Although this is an envious quality, we might add that at times these traits can definitely be viewed as slightly stubborn and maybe a tad argumentative ( No biggie though). 

You love being firm in your beliefs and ideals to fight for what is right, and that is a good thing. But knowing this about your lunar personality also means you have an obligation to take a step back and make sure you’re not being blinded by your own strength. Take time to assess your behaviors and reflect on whether you are using your incredible driving force to do good for yourself and others.

beige background with waxing crescent description


It will always be beneficial for you to rely on those in your inner circles for guidance and direction, be sure to listen to those who may see the world a little bit differently than yourself. Never be afraid to improve yourself and you will go on to accomplish incredible things.

Professions suited for those who are born under the Waxing Crescent moon phase are those where you can be your own boss. Perhaps starting your own business, whether it be something like freelancing, product-based or a service. With the standards you set for yourself, accountability and the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals, we know that you will shine in whatever you undertake.

Embrace your lunar personality by treating yourself to a piece that will showcase your Waxing Crescent. With hundreds of styles to choose from we know that you will wear your new jewels proudly for the whole world to see.

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